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The Best Lenses to Buy for New Photographers

the best lens for new photogrpahers to buy. See the lens you should get here!


   If you are new to photography, you are probably wondering what your first lens purchase should be.  It’s a lot of fun to start trying out new lenses to see how they work and what types of images you will be able to produce with them.  It can be very overwhelming though when you start ot browse through all that there is to offer.  Keep reading and I will break down the lenses you should start with now!


The 50mm 1.8, also called “the nifty fifty” is where you want to start, especially if you are only using the kit lens that came with your camera. This is a favorite among photographers of all levels.  Most pro photographers will tell you that they have owned this lens at sometimes during their career.  Why?  Well, simply because, it’s a great starter lens! ( this was also my very first lens purchased after my kit lenses!)

Here are a couple of the best features The best lenses for new photographers The 50mm 1.8 is a great buy for the new photographer

  • It’s inexpensive
  • You can take great photos both indoors and outdoors
  • The focus is sharp
  • It’s light and easy to carry
  • Versions for both Canon and Nikon users

50mm .1.4

This lens is a step up from the “nifty fifty”. The 50mm 1.4 will give you the same focal length as the 1.8, which will work well both inside and outside.  In addition to the previous lens, this one has a wider aperture, which comes in very handy when you want to achieve a blurred background.  This lens is also fast and sharp.  The only downfall is that is about 3x more expensive than the 1.8 version.  This is available for both Canon and Nikon users.  Fits on both full frame and crop sensor cameras. (This was the second lens I ever bought!)

85mm 1.8

This lens is another great one to start with.  The longer focal length of the 85mm will also help you achieve those fantastic blurred backgrounds.  This lens is better suited for outdoor photography, since you do have to be a father distance away from your subject.  The cost of this lens is similar to the 50mm 1.4- making it a difficult choice to choose between the two. This lens is available for both Canon and Nikon users. Fits on both full frame and crop sensor cameras.

best lens to buy for new photographer

I hope this gave you something to think about when purchasing your first new camera lens! It is so fun and exciting to see what these lenses can do.  Once you’ve upgraded your lens, send me a quick email with a photo you took.  I’d love to see your work!

When you are ready to start sharing your work online, come check out my easy guide to creating your photography website!

Thanks For reading!


This post does contain some affiliate links, however, I recommend and have used or owned all products.  Thank you very much If you choose to purchase from any of the links!


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The best lenses for new photographers The 50mm 1.8 is a great buy for the new photographer

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Pregnancy Announcement & More! Casual family of three pciture with toddler boy in Scottsdale, AZ

Session Type

This family photography session was extra special,, For this photo shoot were shooting the very special announcement of a new pregnancy!  Using photography to share your big news is an awesome way to let people know your blessing.  It is also a fun way to incorporate some candid family portraits.  This session was also to celebrate the birthday of the new big brother to be! He was turning two!  His two year old pictures are the cutest ever and a few of them are below.

Pregnancy announcement photo with family of three reading an I Pregnancy announcement photo of big brother

Props & Wardrobe

For the pregnancy announcement part of the session we used very simple props to get the message across.  A subtle T- shirt with the words big  brother written across and a story book titled “I’m a Big Brother” .  Moving into the child session portion of the session, the props used were super easy! Favorite toys and trucks from home and colorful balloons.  If you are thinking about using balloons in your session, latex ones photograph the best.  The look much better than silver Mylar balloons. (Check out some more great prop ideas here!)

Super cute two year old portrait shot with colored ballons 2 year old picture ideas with boy running with balloons Two year old picture with toy firetruck in Scottsdale, AZ


Photography session locations don’t have to be extravagant, exotic places.  Most of the times sessions that take place at a local familiar park or right in your neighborhood end up looking awesome!  For this session we did just that.  We kept it simple by shooting in a private neighborhood.  When shooting with young kids, this can make them a lot more comfortable during the session.  As long as the session is scheduled with the best lighting situations, most locations can end up looking fantastic!
Great unposed family of three family portrait with toddler boy in Scottsdale, AZ Family of three portrait walking down flower path in Scottsdale, AZ

If you are recently pregnant, photos are a great way to announce your new baby! I’d love to help you capture this! Email me today to schedule a pregnancy announcement session.

Emily Awesome ideas for pregnancy announcement photos Two year old portraits in Scottsdale with balloons

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The Easy Guide to Creating Your Photography Website
Easy Guide to Creating your photography website. Follow these steps to make your photo website!


Congratulations! You are taking the first step to creating your photography website! In this guide to creating your photography website, you will learn step by step how to set up your photography website the easiest way possible. The good news is, it is pretty easy if you know what steps to take. Follow the steps to create your best photography website.

Get an Internet Host

This is the very first thing you need to do.  Without a host, there is no site for you to build.  This can be super intimidating because you are probably not sure what to look for.  I get it. This is how I felt too.  There are many different hosts out there.  you can spend hours or days researching and trying to find the one that’s the best.  Don’t overthink it. Take a look at 2 or 3 hosts at the most and then pick one you feel most comfortable with.  My recommendation for website hosting is iPage.  This is the host that I have used for many years now with great results! Their service and helpfulness whenever I was confused or needed help was outstanding.  You can take a peek at what they have to offer below.



Find a Template

This can be confusing too.  But I’m going to make it super easy for you!  If you are a photographer and want  create a photography website, choose a template that is meant for photographers!  I learned this the hard way by trying to google search “website templates” or “free website templates”.  I downloaded a few of them (both free and paid) only to get super frustrated because they just weren’t photography friendly.  Then I came across Pro Photo Blog.  This is a life saver.  It will create your site, portfolio and /or blog all in one.  And just like the name says, it’s for pro photographers.  It is super customizable too, so your site won’t look like all the rest.  It is the template I have been using now for years, after trying out so many others.  Don’t try to go free on your template. Pro Photo Blog is well worth the investment.  Check it out below and you’ll get $10 off!

Great template for photography websites! Check it out here!

Decide on Client Galleries

If your site will include a place to display client galleries for purchasing or download you will want to include a link to that on your site.  There are several options available and many are even free to try out, or free for life with the basic packages.  I like and use Shoot Proof.  But there are others gallery sites out there too.  Pixieset, Smugmug and Shoot and Share are some of the wider known ones.

Step by step guide to creating a photography website with specific examples to show you how to do it.

Added Features

To get creative and really streamline your website experience, there are a few other add ons you might want to consider.  These aren’t necessary at first, but you may want to consider adding them on as you get more comfortable creating your site.

Mach Form – This add on will allow you to add digital contacts and forms to your site.  There are also some options to do this through the Pro Photo Blog template.

Pay Pal – This is a great way to accept payments for retainers beforehand.







This guide should give you a great start to creating your photography website!  It is intimidating and time consuming, but you can do it! Show your photography off to the world!

Thanks for reading!

(Check out more of my photography business tips here!)


*This post does contain affiliate links, however, I recommend and use most of the products listed in the article!

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Simple Step by Step guide to Creating a Photography Website. Find out how here!

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Quick Tips for Getting Super Sharp Focus in Your Photos Every Time!

Easy tips for getting your images to have sharp, clear focus every time you take a shot. Read the tips here!

Are you having a hard time getting super sharp focus in your photos?  You are not alone! Keep reading for quick tips for getting super sharp focus in your photos every time! It can be a struggle with even the most advanced photographer.  Keep learning to see the top tips for making sure your images are crisp, clear and in focus every time you hit the shutter!

Increase Your Shutter Speed

As a general rule of thumb, you want to make sure that your shutter speed is set to at least double what the focal length of your lens is.  So for example if you are shooting with: Getting Super Sharp Focus in Your Photos. Read all the tips here!

50mm lens: shutter speed at a greater than 1/100

100mm lens: shutter speed at or greater than 1/200

200mm: shutter speed at or greater than 1/400

Are you starting to get the picture?  Good.  I tend to set my shutter speed even a little high just to ensure the focus is there.

Set the Focal Point on the Eyes

Do you see all those little red dots in your viewfinder?  Those are your focal points.  You can set these. The center dot will generally give you the sharpest focus, so as you are learning to get sharper images, use that point.  Position the center focal point so that it is directly in line with your subjects eye.  Sharp eyes=beautiful portraits.

Tips to get sharper, in focus images every time you take a picture

Check your Aperture

Shooting at a wide aperture creates beautiful blur in the background.  It can also leave room for soft focus in your pictures if you are not careful or if you aren’t sure how to set it correctly.  If you are constantly getting soft focus try to increase your f/stop.  If you are shooting only one subject, you can set it pretty wide (f/2 or wider) and still get sharp focus.  As the number of subjects increases, you could still shoot wide, but just remember to keep them all on the same plane, or in a line.  If one person is slightly forward they could be out of focus.  Adjust your aperture to the number of subjects in your photo and focus in on the subject who is closest to you.  The correct aperture will also help you expose correctly.

Check your Equipment

If you continually notice blurry or soft focus in your photos , there may be an issue with your photography gear.  Find a local camera shop and see if they can fix the problem.  If your pictures are out of focus no matter which lens you choose, it may be the camera itself.  If you notice blurriness on only one lens, that lens may need to be calibrated.

Getting Super Sharp Focus in Your Photos

For more photography and Photoshop tips visit my tutorial catalog! Or for more extensive training, join me for one of my Photoshop eCourses!

Do you have a tip you’d like to share on how you make sure your images are tack sharp?  Leave a comment below and tell me what you do!


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Easy things you can do today to get your images looking crisp, clear and in focus Get super sharp focus in you photos every time following these simple tips

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Phoenix Family Photographer & Magazine Cover!

Family of five portrait in Phoniex, AZ mountains award winning magazine cover
The Session

This Phoenix family photography session was part of a magazine spread and cover for  Progessive Orthodontist Magazine.  A well known and prominent orthodontist from Dunn Orthodontics was selected to grace to the cover and be featured. I was lucky enough to be able shoot her well deserved cover spot!  If you are looking for an orthodontist in the Phoenix area, come check out her team here! Award winning Phoneix photographer takes magazine cover shot at the Hole in the Rock in Phoenix Best family photographer in Phoneix on the cover of magazine at Papgo Park

The Magazine

Best Phoneix Family Photographer on cover of magazineWhile the magazine obviously showcases dentistry and orthodontics, it’s pretty cool to see the photos that showcase Phoenix, Arizona’s own Papago Park!  Take a peek through the magazine to see more of the photos from this session in the red rock area right in the middle of Phoenix.  Flip through the entire digital issue here! I just love the cover shot and more of photos begin on page 42!

The Outfits

Apart from a gorgeous family and magazine cover and spread, this family really knew how to coordinate.  Notice the red/orange tones to the rocks at Papago Park.  Dressing with the blue shades in their outfits really complements the location they choose since blue and orange are complementary colors!  The family kept their look fresh and clean by selecting clothing that accented one another.  Notice how they are wearing similar color tones, but not all of them have the same solid color on!  If you need assistance coordinated your family photo session, just ask! I am happy to help you choose the best colors and select. Orthodonist pose for portrait in Phoenix, AZ at Papago Park Child photography in Phoenix, AZ in the mountains at sunet


If you would like to schedule a family photography session here, or another Phoenix area location, please contact me today!  Together we can choose a location that is right for your family.  Sessions dates are by appointment only.  Email me to see the next open session date.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Best family photography in Phoenix, AZ at Papago Park See more here!

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