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  • Hi! I'm Emily and if you are looking for a family or child photographer in the Phoenix area, you've come to the right place! I specialize in photographing kids and families on location using natural light. I am the photographer and owner of Cozy Clicks Photography, but I'm also a mom to four young children all under the age of 6 and a part time child development professor. When I'm not behind the camera, you can usually find me singing the latest Elmo song, cooking mac and cheese or racing Hot Wheels cars. I'm relaxed and very easy going, but also energetic and have a lot of practice being fast on my feet to capture those moments with toddlers and young children. I'm excited to work with you and your family in creating a custom photo session that is tailored to the individuality of you and your family. Email me today for more details on scheduling a one of a kind photo shoot.
    To see more of my work, please visit the family or child portfolio links. Or scroll down to visit my blog where you will find a lot of featured family and child photography sessions, information on fun, local Phoenix events, product reviews, tutorials, activities for kids and more!!

Sharpening for Web Use: A Video Tutorial

One of the trickiest things for photographers is getting their pictures to really look sharp when they display on the web or any social media platform.  It can be tough because it is online that we are sharing our work with the world and of course, we want it to look as crisp and clear as possible.  Sharpening your photos for print use is one thing, but with the ever changing formats of social media platforms, sharpening them for online display can give you a headache!

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from fellow photographers is ” How do you get your photos so sharp?”.  Here, I  have created a video tutorial for you to answer that question!  This is what I have found works best for me (as of now) and hopefully it will help your photos get that tack sharp look you want to show the world!  Just click below to view quick and easy video tutorial! For more training, please visit the for photographers  link above or come subscribe to my YouTube channel with more FREE tips!


Learn how I sharpen my images for the web by clicking the video below! Let me know if it works for you.  I look forward to hearing from you!  Thanks for reading…and watching!


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One Year Old Child Portraits

Phoenix Area Family and Child Photography

Oh the joy of being one! So much is going on- learning to walk, to talk and being oh so curious about the world.  Having a one year old is joyous for parents too!  Watching them grow and change each day.  It can also be a little stressful-believe me I know, I have four of my own and all of them turned one.  For a parent, remembering this precious time is so meaningful because they really are only one once, and making sure to take photos- both professional and on your own-  is so important.  If you are stressed about your little toddler and think there is no way you could take portraits of them, think again!  I have some great tips on toddler photography here.  I love taking pictures of the youngest of kids because they are so cute and adventurous and give all sorts of expressions when the camera is focusing on them.

Children Four year old girl photo taken in the desert in South Phoneix Siblings photography. Brother and sister together for pictures at Scorpion Gulch

The Location: South Mountain

This spot is always a favorite for many of my clients because it encompasses a lot of elements of the natural Phoenix landscape.  South Mountain has desert views, cactus and of course mountains! To give the session more variety there is a small spot called Scorpion Gulch right at the base of the mountain.  This area showcases some pretty cool, old west, stone buildings.  To get more of an idea for what this location has to offer see some of my past session at South Mountain and Scorpion Gulch here and here.

Family of four picture in the desrt at South Mountain in Central Phoneix Mother and daughter laughing together in fun family portrait in Phoneix

The Session: One Year Portraits and Family

The focus of this session was the super adorable one year old you see all over this post.  Lucky for him, his whole family wanted to share in his birthday pictures and hoping in for a few.  With my basic package you have the option of including more individuals if you desire.  This way you can get a few family shots in too, even if the focus is on your child!

Father and son portrait taken at South Mountain near Phoenix, AZ Mom and dad with their one year old in cute sunset family picture in Phoenix, AZ Family portrait with two young children taken at sunset in the desert next to Scorpion Gulch in Arizona

If your little one is turning one…or five… or eighteen, email me today to schedule a custom photo session!  Together we can choose a location based on the look you want.  I can assist you with wardrobe, accessories and even hair and make up if needed.  I can’t wait to hear from you!


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    Melissa - These are gorgeous photos! From the interactions and smiles from the family to the location and composition (hello gorgeous compression), these are fantastic. You make me want to have dessert photos taken!ReplyCancel

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Children’s Photography in the Phoenix, AZ Area

Little Girl Style!

I love shooting children’s photography. Kids are so fun and spontaneous!  They give all types of facial expressions which will always transfer over to photographs in ways that are as unique as each child.  This particular child session was unique because it was part of a larger styled child shoot with four young girls, all dolled up in the cutest designer dresses and sporting floral crown son their styled hair.  Be on the look out for more upcoming posts on my blog from this super cool session, but for now, check out these two sisters!

Four year old portrait wearing flower crown taken in North Phoneix Beautiful four year old portrait of girl dancing in the sunset in Phoenix, AZ Photo of four year old picking desert flowers near North Phoenix wearing white dressThe Location: North Phoenix

At first glance these look straight out of a fairy tale with glowing sunlight and flowers fields.  Looking closer, it still looks that way! But wait, these were not taken in a magical kingdom, but right here in Phoenix, AZ!  The Phoenix area is full of beautiful areas for family and child photography and I am trained at capturing beauty in the locations around us. If you are unsure of a location for your child photo session I will help you in choosing in area that is right for your custom portrait session.

Head shot modeling portrait of four year old girl near Scottsdale, AZ

The Vendors

Adding a little style to your session can really take your portraits to the next level.  Please feel free to consult with me about wardrobe and accessories before your shoot.  If you are looking for something extra special to add to your session you might include a fresh floral crown, like the ones here from Graye’s Garden Floral Crowns.  Hair and make up is also something to consider.  Here, the talented hair stylist, Sarah Elstro, styled the girls hair.  Thanks to all the vendors that were a part of this  session and big thanks to the stylist and coordinator, Danielle Unger!  Please contact me if you are interested in working with any of the vendors here!

Sisters Photography in North Phoneix sharing secrets with each other Photograph of sisiters looking at each other in the golden sunlight in North PhoneixSessions for fall and winter are already booing! Please email me today if you are interested in scheduling a custom family, high school senior or child session.


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Phoenix Area Engagement Photography

The Location

For this engagement session we headed to two different locations to really try to capture the wild west and open desert.  We started out at Goldfield Ghost Town and ended at Lost Dutchman State Park which is just outside of Phoenix.  The combination of the two areas really connected the theme of the session and showcased some pretty amazing views of Arizona.  Because of the way that the light hits Superstition Mountain, shooting here can be a little tricky.  Please inquire about the best times to schedule session at this location.

Couples kiss in engagement photo at Goldfield Ghost town Enggment photography at Goldfield ghost Town in Arizona Coples portrait photography near Phoenix at wild west town Engagement photography at Goldfield Ghost town near Apache Junction, AZ

The Mountains

Superstition Mountain is truly the highlight at Lost Dutchman State Park.  This unique, red rock mountain is a gorgeous backdrop for engagement photos…or really any type of session.  The cool thing about this spot is that everywhere you look there are gorgeous mountain settings.  Even if you aren’t shooting the big red rock, behind you are more beautiful desert landscapes!  See more mountainous Phoenix locations here.

Couple poses for engagment photo in front of superstition Mountain in Apache juction

Engagment photo with Superstition Mountain in the far background

Portrait of couple in the desert near Phoenix., AZ

The Styling

This couple choose a sophisticated, classic look and color pallet for their engagement photos.  The black and white traditional clothing contrasted well against the neutral desert tones.  I love the single pink rose in several of the images just to add in that small pop of color!  I generally suggest wearing color for photos, but in a desert setting, black, whites and grays really pair well.

Couples photo session at Lost Dutchman in Phoenix with mountains in the back

Award winning engagment photoghy taken at lost Dutchman near Phoenix, AZ

Engagemnet phtography at Lost Dutchman by Superstition Mountains

Couple portait in Phoneix at sunet with mountains in the back at lost Dutchman State Park

To schedule your photo session at Lost Dutchman Park, email me today!   Engagement sessions are perfect at this open desert area, but it’s also a great spot for family or maternity pictures!  Email Emily at to book your custom photography session.




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Photo Sessions with Toddlers- Not Always As It Appears

Phoenix Area Child Photographer

One year old photography is Ahwatukee, Arizona 85044 85048

If you have a member in your family that falls in the age range of 18-30 months, you might dread thinking of scheduling a photo session to capture their pictures or worse- trying to get the entire family in a shot.  You might  think it could never happen and even the idea of getting him or her ready , trying to get them to smile while chasing them around and praying for no melt downs makes you stressed out.  I totally know the feeling.  I have four young kids, and my youngest falls right into that magical age of toddler hood.  I spend a lot of my days running after him, wiping away tears and in constant anxiety about him getting hurt.  But you know what, he is so darn cute..and curious, spunky and well… entertaining.  All awesome qualities that look so great on camera.

Child Photography in Ahwatukee at Telegraph Pass 85048


@ year old birthday pictures in the desert near Ahwatukee

I often have clients “warn” me before hand of their rambunctious little ones.  I can feel the stress and anxiousness in parents during the session when their toddler isn’t looking straight ahead and smiling.  I am very quick to reassure them that their pictures will still look great and will capture who their child is…a little person with so many fantastic qualities (and I am well aware that not many of them posses the quality of sitting still, posing and smiling on cue:))  Many times I tell my clients I only need 1/1000th of a second to capture a priceless photo.

Toddle rgirl portarit taken at Marley Park in Surprise , AZ

Toddler twins photography in Scottsdale, AZ at DC Ranch Marketplace

Like I have mentioned earlier, I have four young kids of my own.  I have also worked with many toddlers during family and child shoots and was an early childhood special education teacher for many years.  I have witnessed first hand of all the shenanigans that go along with being a toddler, and you know what, that is what makes them so fun!  I have seen it all and have so much patience working with children this age.

Toddler laughing during her portrait at Scorpion Gulch in Phoenix


Phoenix Children

So if you are hesitating in scheduling that photo session because you don’t think you will get any great shots, believe me you will! They may not always be as traditional as you might envision, but the will capture your child for who they are.  So don’t stress! Have fun at your photo shoot and relax.  Let me do all to hard work and your photos of your toddlers will come out great!

Fun family shot with toddlers at a Phoenix mountain location

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