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Children’s Photography at Scorpion Gulch
Sibling portraits taken at unusal perspective in Phoenix, AZ

The Session

This children’s session took place at the beginning of December at sunrise.  Sunrise is a perfect time for photo sessions as the light is very flattering. However, this particular winter morning was a bit chilly (even for Arizona!).  I think most people forget that even in the Phoenix desert in does get cold!  No worries, because these three were prepared with some winter gear and accessories that kept them warm and were pretty stylish for the photos!  (On a side note, at 50 degrees it seemed cold, but no where near the -50 degree weather I grew up in in Michigan…brrrr!)

Child portraits in Phoenix Arizona in the winterSibling photo taken at sunrise in the winter int he Phoenix desertThe Location

Scorpion Gulch in Phoenix, Arizona is right in the central part of the city.  An old trading post, this spot is very cool for photos because if the texture in the old stone building and the open desert surrounding them.  Scorpion Gulch is also a great spot for photos because South Mountain is right there serving as a backdrop in the distance.  Take a look at some other sessions at Scorpion Gulch here and here.

Three siblings pose for a photo at Scorpion Gulch near South MountainTween shoot child photo at Scoprion Gulch

The Wardrobe

As I already mentioned earlier the winter hats and gloves added a fun style to the wardrobe of these three.  Added accessories always look great in photos. Take a look at what you could add to your outfit choices-maybe a necklace, bowtie, flowers? It’s all about detail and those little things will add to your photograph.  Check out some of these sessions where accessories where added to make the wardrobe choice that much more interesting!

Childrens photography at Scorpion gulch in Central Phoenix


I would love to work with you or your family.  If you are interested in scheduling a child or family photo session, contact me today!  Together we can choose a great location for your family or child photos!


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7 Myths About Using Photoshop Actions: The Truth Explained!

You may have heard about a cool thing called Photoshop actions.  They are a very cool tool used by many photographers.  BUT you may have heard wrong.  Read below to read the 7 most common myths about using Photoshop actions and get the truth about what thy’re really all about!

MYTH #1  Photoshop actions are a quick fix for any picture

Nope.  Sorry.  Photoshop actions will not “fix” a photo that is out of focus or where the lighting was bad.  What they will do is enhance a photo that already has a decent foundation and make your editing time super fast!

MYTH #2 They are difficult to use

Not at all.  This is the opposite.  In fact actions are super easy to use.  Most people seem to have trouble with loading them in (see how here), but once you figure that out,  the rest can really be as easy as just clicking a button.

MYTH #3 Photoshop actions work on all photos

Well, yes and no.  They will run on all photos, but depending on the picture itself, the action may not look right or work in the way it was intended.  For example, in the Perfect Portrait action Pack, those actions are intended to make portraits look beautiful.  If you were to run the action on a landscape, it really wouldn’t work as well. Understand what the actions are meant to help you do before using them on a photo.  This will help you get better results.How to use Photoshop actions easily

(The Color Confections set is a color enhancing action used to pop the colors in this photo.  See how the action can be opened up to reveal more layers to adjust or brush off to your liking!)

MYTH #4  Actions are expensive

For the amount of time they will save you in the long run, most will be worth every cent…and in most cases it’s not a lot of cents. Many action packs you can get for less than grabbing dinner…some you can try out even for FREE!

MYTH #5  There is only one way to use themHow to adjust the opacity of layers in Photoshop actions

False. You definitely can just click and leave the action as is.  However, great Photoshop actions will allow you to customize to your desired look.  See that opacity slider to the right?  Adjust that to
change the intensity of the action.  Good Photoshop actions will also open up to reveal different layers giving you the ability to turn them off or on or brush off certain areas.

MYTH #6 They are only used by beginners

Not true. A lot of beginners to Photoshop do turn to actions when they see how easy they can help editing your photos.  They are great because they save you time, but guess what? They aren’t just for beginners.  Different action packs are created differently giving you a photographer’s spin on how to apply effects.  Even after many many years working with Photoshop, I still like to play around with and use Photoshop actions created by others.  Over time you can even learn how to create and use your own.

MYTH #7  You don’t need any other programs to use Photoshop actions.

Wrong.  You need to have Photoshop in order to use actions.  Some actions may work with Photoshop Elements, but not all of them. Make sure to ask the action creator if you are using Elements. Photoshop actions do NOT work in Lightroom or ACR.


I hope that cleared some of the common Photoshop action misconceptions up for you! They really are fun and a quick way to speed up your editing and learn more at the same time.  If you still have a questions about Photoshop actions, just ask in a comment below! Or if you’d like to learn some tips to help you learn how to master editing with Photoshop, you can check out some of my editing tutorials right here.


how to use Photoshop actions

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Week 16 of the  52 week photography challenge was LANDSCAPES! Photographers worldwide are submitting their best work to the challenge and the top photo (as voted on by group members)  is displayed as the challenge winner in the Cozy Clicks: Photography Learn and Inspire FB group! You can submit yours there too or just simply hashtag your photo #cozyclicks on Instagram to be  part of the friendly fun!

Top photos for the week are selected by myself or a guest judge and are not necessarily the  best technical photos or most popular, but do show creativity, growth or a fun interpretation of the theme.

Next week’s theme- YELLOW

To see all the themes and for more on the challenge click here. To see past challenge winners visit here.

This is a fun, friendly challenge meant to inspire you,  get you to  try something new, or give you  the courage to just show your work to the world! Challenge winners are not always long time veterans to photography.  Many are brand new!

See the top 10 photos of the week (in no particular order) here! Browse through and be inspired. Which one is your favorite?  Let us know in a comment below and congratulate all the photographers on their work!

Red Lenses PhotographyReanna Nicole Photography

Jklamsus Photography

Leah Quiniola

Palak Desai


Madddy Lens Photography

Tom Childers

Deborah Nystrom

Sharon Jones

Rio Jones

Terry Tedor

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Phoenix Area Family And Child PhotographyFamily photography at Scorpion gulch in central Phoenix

The Session

This photo session was a family session that included the most adorable and well styled sisters.  For this phot shoot, the family defintiely wanted to include shots of the whole family, but then made sure we snuck in photos of just the girls, mom with her girls and even mom and dad together.  Sometimes paretns oftern forget to get in a shot with just them, so I try to encourage to get at least one of mom and dad alone at each family session-becasue once you have kids, it’s like you’re never really alone anymore, right:)?Family photography taken at the Scorpion gulch building in Central PhoenixCouples portrait at Scorpion Gulch


Many families are a little unsure what to wear at their family session.  This family consulted with me about what they should wear.  They followed my guide on tips and pointers for looking great at your session and they listened! They are so well coordinated and accessorized with some simple accessories to really make their stylish shine.  If you need a little help with what you’d like to wear at your next session, just ask me! I can help you so you look your best for your photos!Mother and daughter photo taken in the desert near Phoenix

Beast Phoenix child photographer captures girl near wildflowers in the Phoenix desertThe Location

This Phoenix, Arizona location is a popular photo spot and it’s easy to see why.  Near central Phoenix, Scorpion Gulch is a cool old trading post with some really neat old stone buildings that have great texture for photos.  Not only that but in the background is the beautiful South Mountain and right across the street is cactus and gorgeous open desert.  All this beauty makes it a winning combination for a photo location and provides great variety in your gallery.Phoenix childrens photography by stone building in Phoenix, ArizonaFamily of four portrait taken by best family photographer in Phoenix


Interested in scheduling your family photo session?  If you haven’t done one before, I try to make it as easy as I can for you.  I am here to help you choose a great location and offer advice on wardrobe.  Contact me today for availability.  I’d love to work with you!


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How to Use the Content Aware Tool In Photoshop
A magic Photoshop tool that will help with you photography editing

Photoshop in general is a pretty magical program don’t you think?  It can make people thinner, change the color of eyes, add in objects that weren’t really there.  All those things are really pure magic if you think about it.  But, there is one tool in particular that is so easy to use and does wonderful things for your photo when editing.  I was amazed when I first learned about this, and now I use it all the time.  Keep on reading and I’ll show you too!

The Tool: Content Aware

Simpy put, applying content aware will magically transfer an area of your photo that looks similar to another part of the photo.  It’s generally used in combination with the rectangular marquee tool.  Applying content aware can help you do many things.  The main things I use it for are:

  • instantly removing objects from photos
  • extending one or more sides of the photo
  • filling in areas of the photo after cropping on an angle

How To Use It

One of the more common uses is to use it to get rid of unwanted objects.

1. Grab the rectangular marquee tool on the left side of the screen.  It’s the second on down.

2. Click and draw around the object you want gone.

3.Right click inside the rectangle and select “fill”

4. Choose “content aware” from the drop down menu and sit back and wait for the magic to happen!

If you are more of a visual learner (like me) you can always watch me get rid of the pool deck using these same step in the photo below.

Another way I use this feature is to extend my photo.

This is great when you want to recompose the subject OR just add more to each side of your photo (perfect if you are preparing it to print on a canvas!) To do this first:

1. Re position your photo how you’d like it to be using the crop tool.  It’s OK if you go father than the current edge of your picture.

2.  Grab that rectangular marquee tool again and draw a box around that empty space.

3.Right click inside the rectangle and select “fill”

4. Choose “content aware” from the drop down menu and sit back and wait for the magic to happen!

Once again, you can watch me in action below in a couple minute tutorial so you can start applying this magical Photoshop tool today!

I truly hope you learned something today and can start using this in your editing workflow.  It’s really a fun tool to use! I’d love to know if you use it in a different way or if it works for you.  Let me know in a comment below!


Want to learn more Photoshop tutorials?  Learn more editing tips right here!

Are you looking for Photoshop tips for your editing? This Photoshop tool is so easy to use and works like magic!

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