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8 Easy Ways to Pose Children in PhotographsLooking for how to pose children at your next photo session? Read here to find easy posing tips for kids!

Photographing kids is a lot of fun.  They are cute, innocent, and you never know just what they’re going to give you!  Posing kids can be a little trickier however (especially if they are young).  If they are out of that toddler stage though and can follow some simple directions, then you can try to pose them in the cutest ways possible!  Keep reading to learn 8 easy ways to pose children in photographs.

Have them Sit

This pose is pretty easy to set up.  Just have them sit down! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy either.  You could set up chairs, or crates, but using the natural environment works just as well. Find a big rock, steps or just right down on the ground.  Make sure to position their legs (if they’ll let you) to it’s most flattering.

Phoenix, Ahwatukee Family and Child Photographer 85044 85048

Beautiful child portrait sitting on crate in a field in Arizona

Straight On

This is a classic head shot ans is often a favorite with parents.  The key to shooting a child’s portrait straight on is to get down at their level.  Kneel down so your eyes are level with theirs. This will create a very flattering angle.

Beautiful two year old girl portrait taken by Phoneix child Photographer Cozy Clicks in Scottsdale

I heart faces challenge entry for hte April photo competion "pastel. Little girl in sunglasses at the pool

Have them Kneel

Similar to the classic straight on pose, this is also a classic shot, but from a different angle.  How the child squat down, while you get on a higher lever (maybe a step or rock, or step ladder) Shoot vertically and aim down at them while their eyes gaze up at you.  This looks great with a serious or happy expression!

Easy ways to pose children in photographs 5 ways to do it!

Put Hands in Pockets

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with hands when you are looking at the camera for a photo.  This pose eliminates that.  Just ask the child to place their hands in their pockets.  You can have them put the whole hand in or just the thumbs.  Either way it’s super cute!

Three year old portrait near 85044 85048Stylish 12 year old boy portrait taken at Scorpion Gulch

Hands on Face

This pose works better with girls, but could work on younger boys to.  Have them touch their cheeks or chin.  This pose usually brings an instant innocent smile to their face which will give you a super sweet shot!Phoenix photography in Ahwatukee 85044 85048Toddler portrait with flower crown Modeling head shot.

Lay Down

This creates a fun and unusual perspective and is generally well liked by children.  Just have the child lie flat on their back while you are above them.  Depending on the length of your lens, you might have to stand on a chair , rock or something else to get you up a little higher.  Point the camera down and ask them to look right up at you.

ChildrenFun perspective portraits taken of child in Phoenix 85044 85048

Ask Them to be Natural

Let them pose in their own element- unposed.  Ask them to run, jump, spin, and dance, whatever they can do to move around and let loose for a minute. This is almost guaranteed to give you a good shot.@ year old birthday pictures in the desert near AhwatukeePhoto of four year old picking desert flowers near North Phoenix wearing white dress

Crossed Arms

There is nothing like an arm cross to make a child feel like they are boss.  This is a fun pose because the child feels a little empowered this way.  You could have them cross their arms leaning against something or standing straight up.  Ask them to give you a tough guy smile for added fun in their expression!

Sassy 10 year old portrait taken at South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ

Child Photography in Ahwatukee, Arizona Birthday pictures at Telegraph Pass

Do you have something you do while trying to pose children in photographs?  Let us know! Leave a comment below and tell us what you do!


Want to know some ways to Pose Large Families too?  Check it out here for 9 ways to pose large families!

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Are you a beginner photographers looking for how to pose children in photos? It

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Phoenix Area Family PhotographyBest Family photography in Ahwatukee at sunset

The Location

This family photo session was taken in beautiful Ahwatukee on two different hiking paths near South Mountain.  This spot offers beautiful mountain views, cactus and gorgeous sunsets.  While the “hiking” part is really minimal, these locations do require a very mild amount of walking to get to a few of the great spots!  See more family sessions from this Ahwatukee mountain location right here.  Or check out  here to see another great Ahwatuke spot.

Top Phoenix childrens photographers in the desert at sunsetGreat Phoenix family portrait of mom and her children

What To Wear

What you select to wear for your family portraits really plays an important part in how your picture swill look.  Here is a great resource when you are planning out your wardrobe.  This family showcases a great example of what you could wear on your family photo shoot.  Notice that they are wear blue, but not all the same exact color.  There are different shades of blue throughout the outfits as well as different textures and patterns.  The accessories in the girls’ hair is also great detail!

Family of 5 photo in the desert in Ahwatukee near Phoenix

Time of Day

This beautifully lit family photo session was taken about an hour before sunset.  Especially with desert locations, choosing the right time to start your session is very important.  This allows for those beautiful desert sunsets to be captured int he background of your family photos, but it also provides the most flattering light.  Not all Phoenix locations require a start time of near sunset and  i can go over a few choices with you as we schedule your family session.Phoenix childrenSisters photography in Ahwatukee near South Mountain


Ahwatukee is a favorite spot of mine, so if you would like to schedule your family photo session here, contact me today! If you’d like more options, I know beautiful spots all over the Phoenix Valley and together, we can choose the location that is right for you!


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Photographer’s 52 Week Challenge: “Black & White

It’s Wednesday! That means it time to share some of the top photos of the week in the Cozy Clicks 52 week photography challenge.  This week’s submissions were  so amazing!

Week 8 of the Cozy Clicks 52 week photography challenge was BLACK & WHITE! Photographers from all over the world are submitting their best work to the challenge and the top photo is displayed in the Cozy Clicks: Photography Learn and Inspire FB group! You can submit yours there too or just simply hashtag your photo #cozyclicks on Instagram to be  part of the friendly fun!

To see next week’s theme and for more on the challenge click here. To see past challenge winners visit here.

Don’t be intimidated to give it a try! This is a fun, friendly challenge meant to inspire you,  get you to  try something new, or give you  the courage to just show your work to the world! Challenge winners are not always long time veterans to photography.  Many are brand new!

See the top 10 photos of the week (in no particular order) here! Browse through and be inspired. Which one is your favorite?  Let us know in a comment below and congratulate all the photographers on their work!

Top photos for the week are selected not only on the best technical photos, but on creativity, interpretation of the theme and growth.

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3 Quick Ways To Create A Matte Look In Your Photos Using PhotoshopThree easy ways you can create a matte effect in Photo shop

Would you like to know ways to create a matte look in your photos using Photoshop? Matte is a fun look to use and play around with on your photos.  There are several ways you can create a matte look.  If you are unsure how to do this, keep reading and I will share with you 3 quick ways to create a matte look in your photos!  The cool part is, you can use one, two or all these techniques together to really give you creative control over how you want the matte in your photos to look!

1. Use Curves

To create a matte look using curves, first you will need to create a new adjustment layer on the bottom right hand side and select “curves”.  Once the curve pops up, left click the point on the line on the farthest left corner and drag it straight up.  Next, choose a second point on that light slightly higher, left click and push that point DOWN.  Finally, choose one more point on that curves line a little higher than the last one, click and push that point UP. Your curve will look something like this:

3 easy ways that you can create a matte look in your photos using the curves layer in PhotoshopDon’t worry if it doesn’t look exactly like this.  You can move any or all the points up or down more or less to your liking!  Still confused?  You can watch me do these steps in action in the video tutorial below.

Easy Ways to create a matte effect in your photos using PhotoshopBefore and After Using the Curves layer to Create the Matte Effect

2. Use The Levels Layer

This technique is easier ad will give you a less intense matte look.  To create a matte look using levels, first you will need to create a new adjustment layer and select “levels”  From here, you will simply drag the dark triangle on the output level slider to the right.

Using the levels layer to create a matte look in your photos in PhotoshopUnsure where that is?  Just look at the red arrow above.  That’s what you will be sliding over.

Use the levels layer to create the matte look in Photoshop

Before and After Using the Levels Layer Matte Effect

3. Use A Solid Color

To create a matte look using a solid color, first choose the solid color adjustment layer.  From there you will select a dark gray shade (try out a few different hues for different looks!)  You will notice that your entire photo is now that solid color-but don’t worry!  Just change the blending mode from normal to overlay.  Then adjust the opacity to your liking.  If you’d like to see this technique in action, just watch me and I’ll show you how in the video below.


All these techniques will give you a slightly different matte look, however you can use them layered all together for a really intense matte feel, or just one.  I hope you learned a little something and let me know below what technique is your favorite!


See more Photoshop Tutorials right here or subscribe to Cozy Clicks on YouTube to be the first to see the newest tutorials!Are you looking for some easy Photoshop tutorials? Read here how to create a matte look in your photo easy! Get a matte look in your photo using 1 of 3 different Photoshop tricks!


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Phoenix Area Family and Wedding PhotographyNewlyweds in the desert in their Phoenix wedding photography portriat

You couldn’t ask for a more perfect day or location for this Phoenix area elopement session.  The weather was warm and the clouds slightly overcast and the newlyweds were fantastically beautiful for their wedding day.  You’dd defintely want to see more photos from this session! Keep scrolling through to see more and to read up on this stunning location and as well as how I shoot Phoenix weddings.

Wedding photogrpahy at Superstition Mounatins at Lost Dutchman. By the best family photographer in Phoenix.

Weddings & Elopements

If you are getting married soon, one thing to think about is your wedding photography.  While I am primarily a family and child photographer in Arizona, I do occasionally shoot weddings and elopements. If you are scheduling a small outdoor wedding or elopement ceremony, I just might be your photographer! I work with brides and grooms who are planning small, intimate ceremonies and are looking for an easy going photographer to capture their special day.  Just got engaged?  I shoot many engagement sessions as well, so you can let everyone know your big news!
Wedding photography at superstition mountain in Apache jJunction, ArizonaMother and daughter portrait taken at wedding at Superstition Mountains in Apache junctionWEdding detail photograph of flowers taken near Phoenix at Lost Dutchman

The Location

This elopement photo session was set at one of the most beautiful mountain ranges near Phoenix.  Lost Dutchman State Park at Superstition Mountains is a gorgeous spot for both wedding or family photography.  With the stunning Superstition Mountains in the background, Lost Dutchman is a winning spot for photos.  It offers many desert trails and landscapes and plenty of cactus.  There is a mild amount of walking required at this location and there is a small parking fee to enter the park.  This location works best for photos at sunrise or an hour before sunset.  It is truly a magical spot!

maid of honor photo in the desert in this Phoenix elopement photography shot

Wedding portraits at lost Dutchman State Park near Phoenix, AZ

End of cermony shots in Phoenix desert wedding photogrpahyGorgeous wedding photography in the desert at Superstition Mountains in Arizona

So if you are newly engaged or if you would just love some family photos taken at this spot, email me today! Have more questions?  Just ask me!


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