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13 Things To Do To Start Taking Better Pictures | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #31

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13 Things To Do To Start Taking Better Pictures | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #31



Learn the things that you can do today to start taking better pictures. Listen to the episode as Emily breaks down 13 things you can do to start taking better pictures.


Wanna start taking better pictures?  Listen here.

I want to chat with you today about what you can start doing now to take better pictures! If you are newer to photography it can seem overwhelming to try to learn all there is to learn.  On today’s episode I break down 13 things that you can start doing to get better at taking pictures.  The trick is to take these tips and put them into action so you will be able to see to biggest improvements in yourself and with your work!


Take listen and then pic a few of them to start working on today! when you practice you will tart seeing a change and improvement in your work!


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Thanks again and until next time, here is the staying focused in camera AND with you goals!







Listen to last week’s episode here!

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