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5 Inexpensive Items Photographers Should Have

5 Inexpensive Items Photographers Should Have5 Inexpensive Items Photographers Should Have : The Friday Five!

Ok, raise of hands, how many of you like to save money? Yup, that’s what I though…and my hand is raised too;)


I’m always down for a good deal or bargain, but being a photographer, most of the cool gear and things we need tend to be mega expensive (the lens I’ve got my eye on is almost $6000 bucks, yikes!)


But there are a few things that won’t break your bank that you can snag up for yourself (or hey, maybe someone could get you as a stocking stuffer) that are perfect for photographers.

A Gray Card









You can find many brands of gray cards, most for under 10 bucks. Perfect little item for you to check out and test out to help you master white balance. (and btw, is it gray or grey?)



Memory Cards







You can never have too many. I love the 8 or 16gb size and those can run you less than twenty dollars. (I found this one for under 7!!)


A Reflector









So many cool things you can do with a reflector and so little money to create those effects. You can get a pretty inexpensive one for under 20 dollars. ( Not sure how long this deal will last- but I found this one for 12 bucks– that about as low as I’ve seen them-score!

5 Inexpensive Items Photographers Should Have


Lens Cleaning Kit


One of the most common questions I hear from photographers is –how do I get sharp focus in my photos? Well one reason might be that your lens is dirty. Make sure you get in the habit for taking care of your gear.


Wireless Remote

AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control for Canon Digital SLR Cameras

Kinda fun little toy- especially if you want to test out taking your own family pictures or just take a few self portraits. There are some out there I’ve seen for about $6. Makes sure to read the fine print though to make sure it’s compatible with your camera.


What’s an inexpensive camera toy YOU’D love to have?? Let us know in a comment below!















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