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5 Things Photographers Should {NOT} Wear When Shooting Photo Sessions | The Friday Five

5 Things Photographers Should {NOT} Wear When Shooting Photo SessionsHave you ever wondered what you should wear when you are out taking photos or getting ready for a photo shoot?  I bet you have because I hear this questions come up a lot in some of the photography groups I’m in. And it’s definitely a valid question because there are most definitely some things you should NOT wear. (I’ve made a few embarrassing choices…keep reading to find out!) 


Bright Colors

This would be fluorescents and neons, BUT not limited to just those colors.  Hot pinks, bright reds, greens, blues….Wanna know why? There is a big possibility YOU will create color casts on your subjects.  Especially if you are standing close to them, they are in white or you’re working with a light colored backdrop. You might not realize it at the time, but believe me (and this has happened to me before) when you pull up your photos to edit them, you’re going to have a lot more work ahead of you.🤦‍♀️

Stick to wearing neutral colors, whites, blacks, grays, tans and you’ll be all good.Things Photographers Should Wear When Shooting Photos


Low Cut Pants

Have you ever worn a pair of jeans before that when you first tried them on felt pretty good, but then as the day went on they loosened up or didn’t fit quite the same (maybe even started to sag)?  When you are shooting people, a lot of the times your moving, squatting, kneeling.

Now picture yourself in those low cut or loose pants and imagine someone standing behind you as you’re squatting.  Uh….what to you think they’re going to see. Probably a little half moon???

(Yup, that’s happened to me before too😳)  Make sure move around in your pants in ways you usually move when you’re shooting so you know that everything is going to stay in place.

Things Photographers Should Wear When Shooting Photo


Nowadays there are lot more people it seems like with sensitivities and allergies to certain scents.  It’s a good idea to be sensitive of this. Steer clear of loading up on the heavy perfumes or lotions before a session.  The last thing you want to do is turn someone off because of how you smell. ( I do recommend not skipping on the deodorant though😉)

Things Photographers Should Wear When Shooting Photos


Tight, Itchy or Uncomfortable  Clothing

Make sure you are comfortable!  Not that I’m super trendy or stylish to begin with, but I know I don’t need to wear the latest trends when I’m working.  When you’re out shooting, skip the stilettos and and fancy fabric that will make you feel like you’re wearing a sheet of sandpaper.  This is especially true if you’re shooting an all day wedding or event. Wear something that is comfortable, but still professional to you.


Unprofessional Clothing

OK, so I’m assuming you already know what’s considered “professional” , but just in case you are on the fence about anything in your closets, let’s run down a quick list of what would be considered unprofessional:

  • Shirts with “bad” words or phrases
  • Low cut shirts
  • Strapless shirts/tube tops
  • Clothes with holes
  • Wrinkled clothing
  • Short Skirts
  • If you have to think twice about it- don’t wear it.Things Photographers Should Wear When Shooting Photos


And just in case you were wondering what I wear on most photo sessions, It’s usually jeans, capris or khaki pants with a neutral colored t-shirt or tank (sometimes when it gets cooler I throw a sweater on over it.) Because I’m usually shooting in places where I need to hike, I’m either in tennis shoes or hiking boots.  Simple and not very stylish, but professional and perfect for shooting a photos session!


What do you wear when you’re out shooting picture?  Let me know in a comment below!






The Friday Five is a short sweet blog post that comes out each Friday with 5 quick tips to help portrait photographers.  To see previous week’s Friday Fives click here. 


Things Photographers Should Wear When Shooting Photo

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