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5 Things You Should Always Say To Your Photography Clients

5 Things You Should Always Say To Your Photography ClientsThe Friday Five is a short and sweet blog post that comes out each Friday with tips and tricks to help YOU with your portrait photography.Today’s Friday Five is  5 things you should always say to your photography clients during your session.


Being a pretty shy person, I was always so scared and nervous (especially early on) about what to say to new clients during our session.  I learned though what works to help YOU feel more relaxed and help your clients more comfortable. Take a look right here!

Do you have 5 quick tips you’d like to share with new portrait photographers? I’d love to feature YOU on the blog in the next Friday Five! Find out how here.


Their name

Did you know the word people love hearing more than any other word?  It’s not please or thank you, or love…..IT’S THEIR OWN NAME! Think about it for a sec.  How do you feel when someone says your name? Do you perk up, turn around, smile, become more attentive?  We love hearing it because it is who we are. So learn and use your clients names during the session.


Your name

You should especially say it to the kids, because chances are, they didn’t book you and haven’t been communicating with you beforehand.  So make sure to introduce yourself to the littlest members of the family.


Something {specific} about how they look

Don’t  be fake about it and just say something generic like” you look good”  but find something that stands out to you and comment on it. Do you love their styling?  Is mom’s hair done up really cool? Do the kids have on unique accessories? Tell them! This will help put your client at ease from the beginning and ready to start taking photos.


Conversation Starters

BUT, initiate  conversation starters that allows them to talk about THEM.  People naturally prefer to talk about themselves. It makes them feel more comfortable.  Ask questions that will allow them to open up instead of talking about yourself.


Thank You

Its always kind to be polite and it will pay off. Don’t forget to thank your clients at the end of the session.







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