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April Photo Challenge with Cozy Clicks TOP 10: MOVEMENT


New for 2019, the 2019 photo challenges with Cozy Clicks are monthly and require a little more thought and preparation than the photo challenges previous years.† This year‚Äôs challenges have also been created to foster support for each other in the photography community, by commenting, liking and showing encouragement on others‚Äô work!

See previous month’s winners here.

One RANDOM participant will be awarded the grand prize from our sponsors each month. The winner is random to strongly encourage photographers of ALL levels to participate and grow their skills!  Beginners are highly welcomed to play along!  The top 10 photos will be featured and promoted on the blog each month.



ALL participants can take $10 off any canvas from CGPRO Prints here and 15%off their next order at Lens Pro To Go (with code COZYCLICKS15)! (yes! that’s a win!)


Top 10 entries, in no particular order are selected based on creativity and relation to the theme and are selected by members of the Cozy Clicks team and/or past participants of the photo challenges.

Lady Rae Photography

Cassidy Uhler

Loni Brooke Photography

Ivona Koystra

Gina Sievers





Nicole LaPointe Photography


Thinks In Photos


Special thanks to last month‚Äôs grand prize winner, Jasmin Rupp With Jasmin Rupp Photography¬† for helping in the top 10 selection process! (Go check out her work too!<‚ÄĒ- It‚Äôs pretty awesome!)

Our lucky winner this month of $150 in prints from CGPro Prints & $100 in Photoshop Actions or Presets from the Cozy Clicks shop & $100 in lens rental credit to Lens Pro To Go  is Derrick Ong with Phoenix Photodesign, whose photo is directly above!! Congrats Derrick!! We love your work!


Take a minute to show your love and support for this month’s top 10 and make sure to click on their links and leave them lots of love and congratulations!

**May Photo Challenge will go live on May 7th!  STAY TUNED for all the details**





Have YOU been featured on the Cozy Clicks blog?  Download the featured photographer badge here (or in the files section of the Facebook group) and add this link  to your site or any social media pages and let your clients & audience know that you have featured work!  

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