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Best Locations in Phoenix for Family Photos

Best Locations in Phoenix for Family Photos

Phoenix, Arizona is full of beautiful desert areas, cityscapes and hidden green gems.  All of which would be great locations for your next  family photos.  The majority of my clients ask for assistance when choosing a location that is right for their family pictures.  Part of the photography process with Cozy Clicks is working together to choose a spot the best fits the look you want.   I have created this post for my clients as a starting place when thinking about a good on location area for their photography session.  Below are the top  areas I think are the best locations in Phoenix for family photos.  And if these ideas don’t suit you, don’t worry! I have many more fun and unique areas I know of. These selections are in no particular order and are based on popularity, beauty, and ease and accessibility.

Top  Family and Child Photography Locations in the Phoenix Area

1. Scorpion Gulch

If you haven’t visited this rustic and western area of Phoenix, you need to go check it out.  Located at the base of South Mountain, the cool stone buildings are full of texture and a uniqueness only found in the desert.  This area gives lots of variety by offering neat architecture, but also mountains, cactus and Arizona sunsets.  Want to see more sessions from this location? Check out more examples here: Family sessionmaternity session

One of the best spots for family photos in Phoenix. This is South Mountain,

2.  Ahwatukee

This small town south of Phoenix and next door to Chandler has so much beauty to offer.  Just take a drive through the foothills of this town and look around.  You’ll find many places that would make for lovely family photos.  This area is characterized by mountains, hiking paths, and desert backgrounds. Want to see more sessions from this location? Check out more examples here: Family sessions, Child sessions

3. Gilbert Riparian Preserve

This location is a fantastic area for family pictures!  A popular area for many photographers, the Riparian Preserves offers both green and desert scenery.  In the middle of the preserve sets a lake and bridge with small streams, grassy areas and footpaths around the location. Want to see more sessions from this location? Check out more examples here: Family session 1, family session 2Just East of Phoenix is the Gilbert Riparian Preserve. A wonderful place to take family pictures.

4. Downtown Phoenix

Downtown is full of areas for family , child or senior portraits. This location offers a cool urban feel with lots of architecture and graffiti.  Look closer and there are some pretty cool historical areas of downtown too, which make it look like you’re not even in a big city. Want to see more sessions from this location? Check out more examples here:  Urban Downtown

5. Papago Park

Next to the Phoneix Zoo, Papago Park is a dream for family photos.  Papago is characterized by the red rock mountain located right in the middle of the park.  Walk just a little bit off the base of this mountain and there is a lake, palm trees, cactus and more! This spot captures a lot of the beauty of Arizona. Want to see more sessions from this location? Check out more examples here: Family Session, Extended Family session, Senior session

Papago Park is a great spot for fmaily portraits in Phoenix, Arizona

6. Coon Bluff Campground

This beautiful Phoenix area photo location gets you right into the wilderness.  Full of trees and dirt path, this is a beautiful spot for photos.  Salt river runs right through this campground, so if you are adventurous enough to get down by the water, you can add some cool variety to your shoot.  Some areas here do require a little walking.  There is a small parking fee with this location.  See even more sessions from Coon Bluff here.

8. Manistee Ranch Park

This cool area in Glendale gives a different backdrop then your typical desert landscapers in Arizona.  This small park is home to a small orange orchard, lots of grass, and cool farm buildings.  Check out more from Mainstee Ranch right here!


9. Heritage Square Park

Right in the middle of downtown Phoenix, this location is full of charm.  Grass, tress and a rose garden are among some of the features at Heritage Square Park.  You’ll also see a number of historic buildings, which make for some interesting shots!  See more from this location here.

10. ASU Tempe/Mill Avenue

I love this location because of all the variety there is to offer.  Look around any corner or street and there is new texture, buildings, flowers and more.  This location does not look anything like the desert.  This is a very cool spot for senior portraits or family sessions!  See more from ASU here.

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