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Children’s Photography in Phoenix, AZ “One Year Old in a Secert Garden”

Are you shooting one year old portraits soon?  Take a peek here to see some beautiful examples of outdoor, natural light one year old pictures!

Phoenix Area Children’s Photographer

One Year Old Portraits at Manistee Ranch

The Location: Glendale, AZ

Hidden in the middle of a busy city close to Phoenix is a beautiful park called Manistee Ranch. To me, it looks more like a secret garden with lush green grass and trees. ?There are flowers, palm trees old buildings and even a red barn. It’s very different from the usual desert landscapes you see here in Arizona, but perfectly beautiful for child or family pictures!

Beautiful one year old pictures taken in Phoneix at manistee RanchOne year old portraits taken at Manistee Ranch Park in Glendale, AZOne year old child photographs in Glendale, Az Child portrait photography in The Phoenix areaAge: One

This well behaved one year old was looking beautiful for her birthday photos. She came well prepared with balloons, a party dress and even a few animal friends (see below). Being one is such a huge milestone and there are so many changes that will happen in the months to follow. That is why one year old pictures are so important to document. They are only this small once!
Birthday portraits of little girl in Phoenix, ArizonaOne year old pictures of girl in pink taken at Manistee Rach Park near Phoenix

Deep in the hundred acre woods…

We ended our session with help from a few favorite animal friends. ?This idea was requested by mom and I think the final outcome was just as cute as could be. How adorable is she with Pooh and Tigger?!? ?It’s always fun to work in favorite toys, blankets or props that are special to a child. ?I always welcome the use of props during a child session. It’s a great way to remember what was important to your child at this age.

Cute Whinnie the Pooh themed one year old picture taken in Phoenix, AZ near Manistee Ranch

Do you have a child who is turning one soon? I did! (You can see his portraits here) He is so fast on his feet…and growing fast too, that I am glad I was able to capture portraits of him as a one year old. I’d love to schedule a session for your family or child. Email me today for availability.


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