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Dream Photo Session Locations | The Friday Five

Dream Photo Session Locations


People have always told me that Im so lucky to live in such a pretty spot for photography.  I’ll admit, the desert does have it’s charm and a lot of beauty, but hey, the grass is always greener on the other side, right?  I tend to always wish I could shoot somewhere a bit different. (at least every once in awhile)  What about you?


Whenever I do get the chance to break free of this desert heat and the cacti and mountains I am always inspired and find new love for the camera.  Do you feel that way in new locations?


Last year I had the opportunity to shoot in some awesome locations like San Diego, Sedona and Las Vegas.  But I do have some bucket list goals for where I would LOVE to be able to shoot.


I though we’d do something a little fun this week and dream a little….


Here’s a breakdown of my top five (this was tough!) & I’d love to hear  the ultimate location places on on your wish list! Make sure to tell us in a comment below!



I’ve always been a beachy girl and this has always been my dream place to go…and if I got to take my camera along too.  Well, that would be that much better!


I know, probably a little cliche and not super creative, but hey, how awesome would it be to take family photos in front of the Eiffel tower (yaaasss!)


So I’m kinda leaning back toward the beach again here with this one.  BUT I know Brazil has a lot more to offer. My husband visited there years ago and from his snapshots I always wish that I had my “good camera” to recreate some of them.


I’ve never been there, but always been so fascinated by the style and culture.  And all those buildings, people and lights…sounds like a photographer’s dream.


Um, really?  (I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking after you read that one)  But yeah! I grew up there and looking back, never really appreciated the beauty and variety that the state has.  Beautiful fall leaves, white wintery winters and of course, beaches that surround the entire state.

(Plus, I think I’ve probably got the best chance of making it back there then I do the other 4 locations)


Alright, so I’m putting it out there to the universe and maybe…just maybe, I’ll be able to share with you some photos from one of these ultimate locations this year;)


Have you had the chance to photograph in one of my top 5 dream locations to shoot at?  Where would your dream spot be? I’d love to hear! Let us all know in a comment below!







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