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Featured Cozy Clicks Guest Editing Instructor- Audrey Ann from Live Snap Love

Cozy Clicks Ultimate Pro Editing Membership March Guest Photographer

This month inside the Cozy Clicks Ultimate PRO Editing Membership, Audrey Ann, founder of Live Snap Love, joins us in an exclusive full LIGHTROOM tutorial inside the membership! Audrey is the master of all things lightroom and she gives you the rundown from start to finish of how YOU can edit a portrait using Lightroom! Come watch her tutorial inside the Cozy Clicks Membership this month!

Audrey helps photographers worldwide grow their photography and editing skills and it is an honor to have her aboard this month to help you with your Lightroom editing!

Learn a little more about the Cozy Clicks Membership Guest Instructor, Audrey Ann.

How long have you been a photographer and what was the main reason you started?

I first dabbled in photography in 2007, but it wasn’t until my son was born that I REALLY wanted to learn, because I wanted to freeze the moments that I knew would pass by so quickly. I upgraded from a point and shoot to a DSLR in 2010, and that’s when I started to move out of the AUTO features and take some control.

What (who) are your favorite types of subjects to shoot and why?

Definitely my family – I love capturing our daily to day moments. But I often find myself capturing macro photos – I love how calming it is to focus on the little details that can be easily overlooked.

Canon vs. Nikon (or other) which one are you? Any specific reason why?

Canon for no reason at all – I’d be equally happy with either!

What is your go to lens?

Generally my Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art lens – it’s a great lens for capturing day to day life. But I would definitely switch that out for portraits, where my go-to would be my Canon 135mm F2.0.

If you could give 1 piece of advice to a new photographer out there, what would it be?

Switch to shooting in manual mode, or at the very least, learn how to use it properly! It wasn’t until I learnt manual mode that I truly felt like I understood how my camera worked, and what I needed to do to get the images I could see in my head, on demand. That doesn’t mean you ALWAYS have to shoot in manual mode (i switch to Aperture Priority Mode from time to time) but it will give you an enormous understanding of your camera works, and allow you to really play with light.

Do you have any secret tips for getting people to loosen up/smile during a shoot?

My style is very lifestyle / documentary so I tend not to ask people to pose or smile – I just have them go about their thing and photograph them naturally. Just doing the things they normally do without being “posed” is enough to get people to loosen up! But when I do need to get a more formal shot, I tend to keep chatting, telling them a funny story about my day, saying they look good and so on. If you are working with more than one person, getting them to interact with one another is a great way to loosen them up!

If I gave you $1000 right now (or maybe more) to spend on photography gear, what would you buy?

That’s a tricky one! It might be to add a 24-70mm lens to my collection – I only have prime lenses, no zooms, which is perfect for me 90% of the time, but when I go on holiday I’d love to be able to take just one lens with me!

easy wasy you can get better at photography

What (who) are your favorite types of subjects to shoot and why?

Dancers! Probably because my daughter dances… and sports, because, well, that’s what my son does. HAHA

Who is your inspiration?

My Family.

If you could photograph any person (dead or alive) who would that be?

I’d love to have photos of my Grandma, who helped raised me after my Dad left and my Mum needed to go back to work, so almost felt like a second Mother. I have a few, but I’d love to have some natural, candid photos of us together. She’s no longer with us, so I can’t, but it does make me want to capture photos of my Mum with my son so he has those to look back on.

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