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Featured Cozy Clicks Guest Instructor: Amanda Colgan

Cozy Clicks Ultimate Pro Editing Membership April Guest Photographer

This month inside the Cozy Clicks Ultimate PRO Editing Membership, Amanda Colgan with Amanda Colgan Photography joins us with a phenomenal surreal portrait edit! Amanda creates gorgeous fine art photography, but there is something special about her. Her surreal edits are nothing short of absolute perfection and she’s is sharing just how she does it with you! Come watch her tutorial inside the Cozy Clicks Membership this month!

In addition she also helps fellow photographers by offering education, tutorials, and Photoshop resources.

Take a peek below at the masterpieces created by Cozy Clicks Ultimate PRO Membership Guest Instructor, Amanda Colgan.

Photoshop Surreal Edits
Photoshop Surreal Edits
Photoshop Surreal Edits
Photoshop Surreal Edits
Photoshop Surreal Edits

Become A Cozy Clicks Member today to learn with Amanda on how to edit surreal portraits + grab her butterfly and eyelash overlays! But there’s more you’ll get too- a lot more. (30+ portrait editing tutorials, a full e-course, over $600 in Photoshop actions + overlays & MORE! Check out all the details on how you can become a member here.

See more of Amanda Colgan at

Photoshop Surreal Edits  Learn this month inside the Cozy Clicks Editing Membership!
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