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Featured Photoshop Guest Instructor- Kirsten Spencer

Cozy Clicks Ultimate Pro Editing Membership February Guest Photographer

This month inside the Cozy Clicks Ultimate PRO Editing Membership, Kirsten Spencer joins us in an exclusive full Photoshop tutorial showing you how to edit beautiful newborn photos. Her newborn work is times, flawless and cuteness to perfection. She not only takes two images and combines them but also walks you through the start to finish editing process.

Kirsten is well known and respected by many in the photography field. She is the host of the popular newborn and maternity podcast, The Sleeping On The Job Podcast and is the founder of the Simple Swaddler, newborn posing resources for photographers.

Learn a little more about the Cozy Clicks Membership Guest Instructor, Kirsten Spencer.

How long have you been a photographer and what was the main reason you started?

26 years! I learned how to use an SLR camera in 1986 in a high school photography class. I was good at it and I LOVED it! In 1992, during college, I got a job at a studio just for some spending money. In 2006 I decided to work for myself and became a legal business. I’ve been doing it ever since… 🙂

Canon vs. Nikon (or other) which one are you? Any specific reason why?

I started on Minolta (film). My first digital camera was $1,000 and was 2.4 MP. Then I was Canon… then Nikon… now back to Canon. No reason. They are all fantastic if you know how to use them!

What is your go to lens?

My 70-200 NEVER leaves my camera. Dance, Sports, kids, families… pretty much everything but studio.

If you could give 1 piece of advice to a new photographer out there, what would it be?

Learn your camera INSIDE and OUT before going legal. Have back ups for EVERYTHING. Back up camera, lens, digitals… you never know. Crash Plan has saved me a few times.

Do you have any secret tips for getting people to loosen up/smile during a shoot?

I LOVE telling stories and talking to people. (hence my Podcast!) I think people come to me for ME more than my photography. I love making people laugh.

If I gave you $1000 right now (or maybe more) to spend on photography gear, what would you buy?

I have everything I need. I would probably get an 85 1.4 lens for my daughter.

What (who) are your favorite types of subjects to shoot and why?

Dancers! Probably because my daughter dances… and sports, because, well, that’s what my son does. HAHA

Who is your inspiration?

So many people and things inspire me. I couldn’t pick just one.

Become A Cozy Clicks Member today to learn with Kirsten on how to edit beautiful newborn portraits. But there’s more you’ll get too- a lot more. Check out all the details on how you can become a member here.

See more of Kirsten , or at the Sleeping On The Job Podcast

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