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Hey there! I love that you’ve popped in for a little visit! I was getting a kinda lonely in here 😉

I’m Emily Supiot, a blogger, educator and award winning photographer who wants to help YOU improve your portrait photography skills and learn the editing basics needed to grow your creativity, gain confidence and motivation. 

Do you love shooting pictures of your own kids (but don’t always get the results you want)?  Want to really nail down the editing side of portrait photography or want to start your own portrait biz someday soon?  Then you are in the right place! The Cozy Clicks site is full of resources for you to help you with all your portrait photography goals.

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You might want to start by reading up on some of the free articles available throughout the site. You can access them all by clicking the link above or just use the search bar at the top to find an answer to a questions you might have.

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This free one hour online workshop has been raved about by thousands for photographers all over the world.  And you can learn too! If you are a new photographer who struggles with natural light, nailing focus, understanding what mode to shoot in or if you just really want a boost in your creativity- THIS IS TOTALLY FOR YOU! Click below to sign up for the time that works best for YOU!


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☝☝  Yup, totally free.  My gift to you.  (OR visit the Cozy Clicks Shop to see the complete collection!)

Learn How to Edit your Portraits in One WEEK! FREE Challenge!

Tired of spending hours behind the computer trying to get the right skins tones or just not knowing where to even start??  I’ve been there before too, believe me, I understand the frustration.  Let me help you streamline your editing workflow in Lightroom, ACR & Photoshop and get consistent results in your portrait editing this this FREE 5 day challenge!

Photography: Support, Learn & Inspire Community Group with Cozy Clicks

Learn from me and others like you, participate in fun & friendly weekly photo challenges, share your work and MORE in my private Facebook Group!  It’s a  community of photographers of all levels.   Group membership is currently free.  Click the the link above to request membership.

Guest Blogging Opportunities

Have something that you can teach others about portrait photography?  I’m sure you do! Apply here to be a guest writer on the Cozy Clicks Blog.  With over a quarter of a million monthly views, share your knowledge with a much larger audience!

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