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Are you a new portrait photographer and  still a little confused about light or shooting in manual?  Do you get confused when it comes to Photoshop and editing?  Or are you just looking for a push in your creativity? If that sounds like you, you are in the right place! I’m Emily Supiot, photographer and educator at Cozy Clicks Photography.  This site is a photography community full of education & inspiration for YOU!

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Most people like to start by reading up on some of the free articles available throughout the site. You can access them all right here or just use the search bar to find an answer to a questions you might have.

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I would love for you to join me in my FREE online workshop for portrait photographers.  This workshop will help you loose the overwhelm with taking and editing your portraits and get you on the right path to what you should focus on the see GREAT RESULTS and progress in your portrait photography!  It will also teach you how to boost your creativity to really take your portraits to the next level! This workshop is 100% FREE to you! Simply register by clicking below!

You can also browse through my complete photographer’s resource guide that is full of all my recommendations for cameras, lenses, editing software, business start up & much much more.  It’s all of the gear and tools that I use daily.

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OR, You can also…learn from me and others like you in my private Facebook Group.  It’s a  community of photographers of all levels.  Share your work and be inspired by others. Ask questions and get immediate answers. Group membership is currently free.  Click the the link below to request membership.

Photography: Support, Learn & Inspire Community Group with Cozy Clicks


Photography Education and Editing Resources 

You can check out the current eCourses that are open for enrollment by checking out the Cozy Clicks Education Online School.

You can also edit your photos in Photoshop using one of my signature Photoshop Action Packs to help speed up your editing process.  See what’s available here OR download my Freebie Photoshop action pack !



Have something that you can teach others about portrait photography?  I’m sure you do! Apply here to be a guest writer on the Cozy Clicks Blog.  With over a quarter of a million monthly views, share your knowledge with a much larger audience!

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