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Frozen Inspired Children’s Photography in Phoenix, AZ

“There is No Better Friend than a Sister and There is No Better Sister than You”

My girls are obsessed with Frozen. I’m sure that is no surprise considering it is one of the most popular Disney princess movies of all time.  They have Frozen everything including the Elsa and Anna dress up costumes which they are always wearing.  They have chosen who their favorite sister is in the movie and often recreate the scenes with each other.  And then there’s the singing…I’m sure you can guess what the most frequently sung song in my household is:) I love that my girls are so close in age and have developed a friendship with each other that only sisters can have.  I also love that the message in the movie Frozen emphasizes the importance of sisters and friendship.  I know that my girls have picked up on this message.

I couldn’t resist one day as they were all dressed up and giggling with each other reciting some of the most notorious lines form Frozen, to take a few shots of them.  They were more interested in figuring out who would build the snowman, but I did get a few shots of the two of them.  I also used the opportunity to play around with some different types of lighting trying to make the image appear very well lit and almost “snowy”.Frozeninspired children's photography.  Anna and Elsa sisters are friends foreverOver at this month, the theme for their monthly photo challenge is “Friendship”.  I thought that this photo was pretty fitting:)


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