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How Much Should You Spend On Photography Stuff? | The Stay Focused Podcast #81

How Much Should You Spend On Photography Stuff? | The Stay Focused Podcast #81

What should you buy first as a new photographer?  What gear should you spend your money on if you want to get into photography. Listen here to these photography tips for what to buy first!

There are so many photography gadgets out there!

How do you know what you should (or shouldn’t be) spending your cash on.  Photography can be expensive…but only if you let it.  There are definitely ways you can make it more doable for you.  Especially if you’re not tempted to buy every new model and toy out there. Listen with Emily on this week’s episode of the Stay Focused Podcast where she breaks down what you should be spending on gear.

Links Mentioned In the Episode:

Episode #79 How To Book Your Photography Calendar

Canon Rebel t7i

Canon 50mm 1.8

Nikon 50mm 1.8


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