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How To Easily Change Your Workspace In Photoshop | Editing Tip Tuesday

How To Easily Change Your Workspace In Photoshop

Have you ever watched a Photoshop tutorial, but gotten a little frustrated half way in because your Photoshop screen didn’t look like the same screen as in the tutorial? It’s like something was just a little bit different, or you didn’t see the same tool up on your screen that they were using? Hey, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from people in my courses or that have watched one of my YouTube Videos is “Why does my screen not look like yours?” (<—it just might’ve been you that asked 😉)


Almost 100% of the time the answer to this question is that you are using a different workspace. You probably didn’t even realize you could change this! Your workspace in Photoshop is just that- the space where you are working. People use Photoshop for different needs and some will use different tools and functions more often than others. You can change and customize once you start to find what you use most often, but Adobe also has some great preset workspaces for you too!


To keep it simple and to the point, let me show you how to change your workspace to one you will most likely be using for photography.  You can read or just watch me in action below!


With Photoshop open on the upper right hand side of the screen you’ll see a square half filled. Click on that. A few choice will drop down, the ones you will most likely want to use is either “photography” or “essentials” Select either one.

How To Easily Change Your Workspace In Photoshop

To get even more custom to your liking, you can also change the color of your workspace too! To do this on the upper left hand side select edit>preferences>interface
From there you can choose the color you’d like your workspace to appear!

How To Easily Change Your Workspace In Photoshop


And there you have it! The simplified way to change your workspace. Now once you get a little more advanced or start finding the tools you’d like to use more often you can customize even more for yourself. Here is a great article I found which is a bit more advanced, but will really help once you get to that point!


Which workspace do you work in? Or do you customize your own? Let me know in a comment below!






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