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How To Fix Underexposed Photos…And Why You Might WANT to Underexpose!

How To Fix Underexposed Photos…And Why You Might WANT to Underexpose! | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #69

How to fix an underexposed photo.  Photography tips for why you might want to underexposed your photo.

Uh..oh. There’s not enough light in your photo.

Maybe you forgot to change settings, or maybe you really weren’t sure how to see your exposure in the first place …or maybe you purposely did it (and yes, there are reasons why you might wanna do that!) Either way, this happens to all of us at some point when we underexpose a photo. ( and this usually always happens on the cutest ones, right?!?) But there are a few things you can do to fix your underexposed photo and were talking about it right her on today’s episode!

Links Mentioned In the Episode:

PHOTOSHOP VIDEO TUTORIAL (FIXING UNDEREXPOSED PHOTOS)….and just a reminder….this is an OLD video of mine, so no laughing;) wink wink.

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