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How To Get Started in Lifestyle Photography | The Stay Focused Podcast #38

The Stay Focused Podcast

How To Get Started in Lifestyle Photography | The Stay Focused Podcast #38

An Interview With Brooke Jefferson

How to get started in lifestyle photography.  Interested in lifestyle photography?  Learn all about what lifestyle photogrpahy is and what you need to do to get started..

Wonder if you’ve got what it takes to be a lifestyle photographer?

Brooke Jefferson, who is a seasoned lifestyle photographer, shares exactly what lifestyle photography is, plus some of the struggles and what you can do to make it work for you! Learn how to get started in lifestyle photography!

If you’ve ever wondered if lifestyle photography is for you, you’ll definitely want to tune in to today’s episode. Not only does Brooke chat with me about lifestyle photography, but she gets really honest about things ALL photographers should be focusing on the be success. Listen here!

Links Mentioned In The Episode:

Where to find Brooke Jefferson!



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