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Mistakes I Made As a Photographer The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #18

Mistakes I Made As a Photographer

The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #18




Today’s episode is all about MY mistakes! Learn from me, so you don’t make them too!

I thought that this was a good topic because I think sometimes you might think that you are the only one that has messed up…that has made an error or the dreaded mistake. I want you to know that we ALL do.  Even me (just don’t tell my kinds that;) )  I break down some of the mistakes that I made along the way (oh and I’m sure there  will be more) so you don’t make them too!



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Mistakes I Made As a Photographer



We all make mistakes, or as my oldest some likes to call them: “glitches”.  And the thing is it’s OK! It’s actually GOOD to make mistakes.  Because when you do, you can learn and get better next time.


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  • Christian MasangoMay 15, 2019 - 11:11 am

    Everything is controlled by the way we think. This is a great lesson I have learned. I enjoyed it. The background music is really good. Thanks.ReplyCancel