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Phoenix, Arizona Children’s Portrait Photographer- “The Curiosity of a One Year Old”

Ahwatukee Children’s Photographer

Family and Child Photography in the Phoneix Areas

Age: One

Oh the cute wonder and curiosity of a one year old! This age is so much fun to work with becaus eyou never know quite what the child is going to give the camera. †They are innocent and real. ¬†One year olds may not always look right at the camera and smile big like in a traditional child portrait, but they do show honest emotion and lots and lots of cuteness! ¬†He may not have given many smiles, but his curiosity made up for it in some pretty cute pictures!

One year old photography is Ahwatukee, Arizona 85044 85048Toddler photos taken of one year old in yellow flowers garden in Ahwatukee, AZOne year old portraits in yellow flowers near Phoenix, AZ

The Location: Ahwatukee

Easily, one of my favorite places to shoot, Ahwatukee is filled with diverse areas for both family and child photos.  This particular location was just a cute neighborhood park with a few really colorful bushes and green, well kept grass.  The garden like area may not have looked as magical for a large family portrait, but for one year old pictures it ended up being easy and perfect!

Cute one year old portriats taken in Ahwatukee, Arizona 85044One year old pictures taken in Phoneix, ArizonaThe Child

If you haven’t figured it out already, this super cute  and curious one year old is my youngest child of four.  He is rarely in front of my camera, simply because this toddler is too quick! (See his newborn photos from over a year ago here!) With the help of my oldest son, we were able to complete a mini photo session that ended up capturing  a lot of his little personality!

Cute one year old photo of child holding a golf ball in Phoenix, AZFun photo of one year old toddler holding a golf ball in Phoenix, ArizonaI love capturing children of all ages on camera.  You can take a look at more of my child work here.  If you are intersted in scheduling a custom child session (or family shoot) send me an email!  We can discuss availabilty, location and wardrobe choices.  I’d love to work with your family!


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