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Phoenix Childrens Photographer : “It’s Fun To be Three!”

Child portrati taken by the best child photographer in Arizona


The air was cool ( well cool for a June night in Phoenix, which means just under 100) and the sky was a bit overcast. You might think that the weather was not ideal for portraits, but youd be wrong! Overcast skies make for some of the most beautiful and flattering light and this particular child photo session was all shot under the clouds.  Don;t be worried if it’s cloudy on the day of your session, if it is, you’ll probably get some of the best pictures out there!  Take a peek at this session the was shot in overcast weather too in the post :“In the Art District”Child portrait taken in AhwatukeeSuper cute three year old girl pictures taken in Ahwatukee Arizona

Three year old girl portrati taken near Phoenix at a park


Ahwatukee is by far one of my favorite places to shoot. For starters, I live there, so I have lots of time to scout out the very best ares (and I know a lot of them!)  While Ahwatukee is known for open desert and being at the foothills of South Mountain, this shoot didn’t involve desert to mountains! We tried to keep things looking green and vibrant.  (The mountains are beautiful though, you can see an Ahwatukee desert session here in the post AZ Extended Family  and another cool Ahwatukee desert like area right here in the post “Shoot For Yourself!”)

Adorable three year old girl children's portrait

Fun and candid child portrait taken in AhwatukeeOutfits

You can change your outfits as many times as you see fit during our 1 hour session.  This little gal was able to tolerate two changes! That’s pretty amazing for a three year old.  I usually recommend no more than three and sometimes only one (especially if you have younger children!)  If you are unsure about what to wear, just ask! Here’s a few pointers though to get you started!Sweet child picture taken near Phoenix AZ
Phoenix child photographer takes portraits in AhwatukeeTo schedule your child’s portrait session email me  Together we can choose a great location to take pictures of your little one! 


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