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Phoenix Family Photographer at Papago Park

I love getting photography clients that come into Phoenix from out of town!  It’s fun to show off the Arizona landscape and enjoy the beautiful weather Phoenix has to offer.  Phoenix is so full of fun places for photo sessions that are unlike most parts of the country.  This family visited from back east during one of the colder parts of the year there.  It was a pleasure being able to capture their family photos while they were vacationing.  We choose Papago Park as the location for their session as it offers so much versatility and also has those lovely red mountains that are so popular around here.  The sun was setting just perfectly near the end of this photo session and I just loved how the light was shining through the trees of these four.

If you are thinking of having family portraits taken soon, I’d love to be your photographer! This location is one of the more popular spots for family or child photographs, as it should be…it’s gorgeous here!  Check out some of my past Papago Park sessions to really see the versatility and different looks from the same location.  The red rock sessions completely encompass the Arizona desert feel, but right around the corner there is opportunity for green and lush photos.

Contact me today to set up your next photography shoot.  I know many fantastic locations around the Phoenix area to give your family the look that you were hoping for in your photos.

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