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Phoenix Family Photographer: “Fun In Downtown!”


Urban Fmaily Photo with graffiti in Downtown Phoenix

Location: Downtown Phoenix

The cool thing about shooting portraits in Downtown Phoenix is that there is so much variety! Really, it’s like every corner you turn has a new look for a photo opp! For this session we wanted to try two different looks and because of the diversity of the downtown area we got it!  For the first set of shots we went for a more artsy and colorful look. Then drove just a few short minutes to a small historical park which offered a flowery and vintage feel. You can see another example of where I combined these two Downtown Phoenix location right here in the post “Colorful Downtown” )

If you have younger children, trying two different locations in Downtown may be a little difficult.  Depending on the temperament of your child and how well and easily they can tolerate change, I’d recommend  only trying out one Downtown location. It usually makes them much happier with the experience.

Children photo shoot at Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix

Fmaily photograph in the streets of downtownFamily of four photo near Phoenix, ArizonaPosing

In any family session, I always try to help you look your best.  I’ll help with posing you so that you look the most flattering and are placed in the best light.  However, I do try to capture some in between moments, and may even prompt you to try to get in some more natural interactions with your family.  A lot of times, those shots turn out the best!Fun family shot at Heritage Square park

Urban shot of dad and kids in Phoenix AZLight

The time of day your session is at plays a big part in how well your portraits will turn out.  Since I use natural light as my main light source, scheduling near sunrise or sunset is ideal. However, the great things about Downtown , is that it offers many places with great shade at different times of the day, making Downtown a great option for photos if your scheduling isn’t quite as flexible!Mom and children family photo at Heritage Square Park in Downtown Phoenix

Family of four smiles for a photo at Heritage Square Park

If you’d like to shoot a portrait session at either of these Downtown Phoenix locations, contact me today!  I also know many other great spots in the valley. Email me at to book your next session!



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