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Phoenix Family Photographer: “Golden Sunsets”

Beautiful family of four photo taken at the base of the hole in the rock at papago parkSession Type: Family


To escape the cold and cloudiness of their hometown in Canada, this absolutely beautiful family flew into the warmest and sunniest place, I know! Phoenix! And boy did they ever get a beautiful evening. A warm wind was in the air and the dreamiest sunset filter through the desert trees. We got lots of adorable family shots, but as in any session, we separated into a few different groupings to get shots of the mom and girl, dad and girl, just the girl- and mom and dad together! (see another beautiful family of 4 session here in Superstition Mountain Family of Four!)

Four year old portrait at Papagp ParkDad and duaghter portrati taken by the best family photographer in PhoneixA portrati of a mom and her eyoung girls taken in Phoenix Arizona



Location: Papago Park

This is an iconic Phoenix location because of the beautiful red rock of the Hole in the Rock, however because of the age of the girls, we decided not to hike up the mountain, but instead stay around the base of it.  The bottom of the hole in the rock is full of desert trees and a few cactus.  There is also a small pond nearby.  Even if you decide not o make the upward hike, there is still plenty of opportunity to take photos with the mountain behind you!   To see a session shot at the top of the hole in the rock at Papago, visit Family Photographer at the Red Rock Mountains of Papago Park.

Family portrati in front of the hole in the rock at Papago park


Best family photographer in Phoneix shoot a family of four from Canada at Papago Park


One of the biggest complements a photographer can get is being hired by a fellow photographer.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with other photographers from around (and beyond) the country. It is a privilege to capture the families of other photographers. This session was one of those special times.

Two year old portrait outdoors at sunst

Beautiful mom and daughter portrait taken in Phoenix Arizona

To schedule your family photo session at Papago Park or at the Hole in the Rock email me today! (and don’t worry, I know more locations too if you’d like more variety!)

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