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Phoenix Family Photographer: “The Marvelous Mountains of Arizona

Family of four with two dads at Superstition MountiansSession Type: Family

The first time I worked with this beautiful family, I can still remember the picture of the twins. †They were one, and not really into having their pictures taken, so what did we do‚Ķcaptured them tears and all. ¬†(<‚Äďyou can see it there) And I have to admit, it was awfully cute and is one I will always remember. ¬†

Now, a few years older, these two twins are really the star of the family photos.  They were striking poses, being silly and having fun with the whole family. They made it really easy for me to get some fantastic family photos and it shows in the pictures!!

4 year old boy portrait at Lost Dutchman State Park in Phoenix, AZ

Same sex family portraits in Phoenix, AZ


Superstition Mountain is definitely an impressive looking mountain.  Shooting photos at this location makes it look like you are right out of the old west. Almost like the set of a western movie. The mountain is a beauty in itself, but then pair it will a beautiful family and the photo turn out pretty magical!  This spot does require a small parking fee to enter the park and it located just outside of Phoenix . To see more family photo sessions taken at this special spot, view Majestic Mountain Family Photos

Four year old girl portrait in the desert in Arizona

Fun family portrati with dad and kids at sunset near Phoenix, AZ

Time Of Day

Though this location is quite impressive, the color of this mountain changes dramatically with the way the sun hits it.  To ensure your photos look the best, this location is best shot at sunrise OR right before sunset.  To see more sunset session at Superstition Mountain see Superstition Mountain Family Session.

Candid childrne's portrati of twins running away at Lost Dutchman

Dad and kids embrace for fmaily portrati int he desert near Superstition Mountians

To schedule a family session at this location or one of the many great spots around the Phoenix area, email me today! I’d love to work with your family.


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