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Phoenix Family Photographer: No Scorpions Here!

Family of three picture in the desert near Phoneix, AZ



With a name like Scorpion Gulch, you might think youd see them all over the place.  But not during this session! Instead, Scorpion Gulch offers a unique spot for family photos.  With an old abandoned trading post at the center, this location has cool western style stone building, mountain views and plenty of open desert.  Right in the middle of Phoenix, this spot gives a real feeling of the Arizona landscape! See more sessions from Scorpion Gulch Here.Family photography at Scorpion Gulch in Central Phoenix

Family of three with two year old girl taken by the best photographer in Arizona

Session Type: Family

This super sweet family of three was a pleasure to work with! With their super cute and curious two year old, we were running around and exploring the place and making sure to get in shots everywhere we went!   Family sessions with two year olds can sometimes get your exercise in for the day!  With four young children of y own, I’m quite used to working with toddlers. They bring such joy and spontaneity to any family session! To view even more family photo session with two year olds check out the post:  What Fun to Be Three! Playful fmaily portrati at Scorpion Guclch in Arizon by the top family photogrpaherMother and dauhter portrait at Scorpion Gulch



This particular day was slightly overcast, which is rare here in Phoenix where the sun seems to always be shinning.  Not to worry though! Overcast days can offer some of the most pleasing light conditions for your photos.  So don’t worry if it’s not super sunny the day for your session. Overcast days work just as well! Want to know a little secert….I prefer those overcast dasy to bright and sunny ones;)  I can get much more creative. To see another overcast session see Style and Beauty in The DesertCandid moment of family of three taken by the best family photographer in PhoenixFun candid picture of fmaily with two year old toddler girl


To set up your family session at Scorpion Gulch or one of many great location in the Phoenix area, email me today! I’d love to work with  you!

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