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Phoenix Family Photographer: “So Much Fun To Be One!”

Family of three with one year old at sunset near Phoenix


Session Type

This super fun family session also had a little twist on it.  This little guy was during the magical age of one! While we were able to get some family shots in during the session, the real focus was on the one year old.  He stole the show too and might have won the award for smilist one year old ever! To see more family and one year old sessions  at Manistee Ranch park view “One Year Portraits & MORE!.”

One year portraits at papago Park

One year old portrati in Phoenix on top of mountian

Mother and son photography at Papago ParkSession Location

This Is one of the most gorgeous and iconic spots in Phoenix The Hole in the Rock at Papago Park is a favorite for both locals and tourists looking to have family portraits done.  This locations offer so much variety. Everything from red rock mountains, to palm trees to open deserts. It pretty clear it’s one of my favorite pots too! Just check out some of the many featured sessions at the Hole in The Rock!

Family of three at the hole in the rock in Phoneix

Family of three photo near the hole in the rock in Phoenix, AZ


Not sure what to wear for your family photos?  Check out here for my guide on what work best for family pictures.  With younger kids, like this one year old, I recommend no more than two outfits changes (if that)  Some kids just can’t tolerate changing over and over and it can really put a damper on their mood. To get different looks adding accessories to an outfit, like a jacket, jewelry a bowtie or hairpiece is sometimes a better option- and will get some variety in the portraits!One year picture at sunset in the desert

Mom and son picture at sunset in Phoenix,AZ

If you have a little one that is turning one soon, youÂ’ll want to remember this huge milestone! Celebrate it with a custom outdoor photo session + include the family in on it too & make it a whole family affair!

Contact me today for availability! Emily




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