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Phoenix Family Photographer: Sunset in the Mountains

Phoenix Family Photographer Family of three at Dreamy Draw

Phoenix Family Photography

Phoenix Family Photographer shoots in the mountains at sunset


This beautiful family session took place at a dreamy mountain, which appropriately is named Dreamy Draw. Right in the middle of Phoenix, this beautiful mountain path is perfect for sunset family sessions. Phoenix is full of beautiful mountain area for photos, but if you are looking for central to North Phoenix area, this spot might just be the one!

Phoenix Family Photographer at mountain location near Phoenix
Phoenix Family Photographer mom and daughter at Dreamy Draw

Time of Day

As with most of my sessions, this one took places right as the sun was setting. Sunset sessions will provide the most flattering light for your photos. This is especially true in desert spots like this where the sky is very wide and open with little areas of shade.

Phoenix Family Photographer  One year old portrait in the desert
Phoenix Family Photographer

Mountain Locations: Things To Know

With this spot and many mountain locations around the Valley there are a few things you should be aware of beforehand.

*there may be some mild hiking involved (you might want to bring an extra pair of shoes to walk in if wearing heels)

*some Valley trail heads required an additional permit to shoot there.

*Many mountain parks have limited parking, plan accordingly

*There is usually not much shade, so early morning or later evening sessions are best!

*Strollers generally will get in the way. keep them in the car.

Phoenix Family Photographer Family of three portrait at Phoenix mountain location

Want a family photo session at Dreamy Draw or another mountain area in Phoenix? Email me today to book your session!

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