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Phoenix Family Photographer: The Whole Family Together

Phoenix Family Photographer extended familyPhoenix Family Photographer: The Whole Family Together


One of my favorite things about being a photographer is that I get to meet  families from all over the country. Another great thing is that usually these families are meeting each other up from different sides of the country, so I kind of get to be a part of their reunions with each other! This session was one of those times when Grandma and Grandpa were meeting up with their grandkids that lived a state away.

Phoenix Family Photographer family of 4

Phoenix Family Photographer grandpa and grand kids


Desert landscapes are always some of my favorite backgrounds to shoot in. And really they should be, I mean we live in a beautiful desert state  of Arizona. For this session I actually went out to a location that I had not been to before, San Tan Valley Mountains. Let me just say, it is as beautiful there in real life as it looks here in the photos. Lots of huge cactus, mountains in the background and gorgeous sunsets. There is a parking fee and a permit fee here so if this setting interests you make sure you let me know in advance.

Phoenix Family Photographer Sibling photography

Session Type

The session was a family session ,but also an extended family session which makes it twice the fun! Any extended session we get lots of different combinations of photos for your family, so we can get shots with Grandma and Grandpa and grand kids, with your immediate family together, with just the kids and even more combinations!

Phoenix Family Photographer mom and daughter photos

Phoenix Family Photographer extended family photography

Time of Day

Most of my sessions do take place about an hour before sunset. There are locations where I can be a little more flexible, but usually with desert landscape sessions, there isn’t much wiggle room. Phoenix skies are usually very bright and sunny and if the sun is too high up in the sky, it’s not going to create a flattering light over your face. If you’re scheduling a desert session, it will take place pretty close to sunset.

Phoenix Family Photographer (1)


So if you have grandparents that are going to be in town soon and you’re looking to schedule an extended family session to get photos of the grandkids with their grandparents and a few of your own family too, contact me today and we can schedule a session for you


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