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Phoenix Maternity Photographer: “First Baby”

Backlit maternity photo taken in Glendale, AZ


What to Wear For Maternity Sessions

This is a common question asked by many  new moms looking to have their photo taken.  One of the most popular outfit choices now for maternity photos are maternity gowns. This mom to be has not one but two to wear for her maternity photos.  If you shop around you can get a good deal too- after talking with her, I found out this gorgeous mom to be got one of these gowns for just a little more than a large coffee at Starbucks! ( I’m all about finding a great deal!)

Flower crowns often pairs really nicely with gowns.  To check out some more featured maternity sessions with gowns and flowers crowns visit Pretty in Pink or Styled Beauty.Stunning pregnancy hoto taken near Phoenix at Manistee Ranch ParkMaternity photography at Manistee Ranch Park in Glendale AZ



Hidden in a small strip mall in Glendale, Arizona, Manistee Ranch Park is a hidden gem for maternity photos.  With a small orchard, flowers trellis and old farm buildings nearby, this is a photographer’s dream location. It offers lots of variety and doesn’t look like it is in the middle of a desert city at all!  To see other maternity sessions taken at Manistee Ranch Park check out Summer Baby right here!Maternity photo near Phoenix with gown and flower crown

Cool perspective for a maternity photo in the grass in Phoenix

Time Of Day

Most photo sessions will give you the best and most beautiful natural light when taken an hour before sunset. This session was no exception.  The light at this time makes for beautifully flattering portraits. The light that peeks through the orchard at this location makes sunset photos dreamy! Just perfect for maternity photos!Best Maternity Photographer in Phoenix, AZ creatively poses mom to be

Beautiful mom to be poses for matenrot photo taken by the best maternity photographer in Phoneix

Maternity sessions are best between 28-34 weeks.  Please contact me today if you are interested in scheduling your session!



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