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Photo Challenges with Cozy Clicks Top 10: SIMPLE PORTRAIT

Huge congrats to Christy Anderson Bernstein for taking the top spot for the simple portrait theme! Her photo was the top loved photo last week in the Cozy Clicks community! Leave her some love!

Here is the top voted photo of the week for the theme SIMPLE PORTRAIT and the top 10 featured photographers who participated last week! Leave a comment, check them out, give them some love!

The Cozy Clicks challenges are for all level photographers with beginners strongly encouraged to participate. That’s how you start seeing results! Top photographer of the week is based on votes in the Cozy Clicks community, while the top ten are chosen based on growth, interpretation of the theme, creativity and community love! Next week’s theme: FAMILY Tag your image #cozyclickssfamily on Instagram or drop your image into the Cozy Clicks Facebook group.

For all the details and rules on the weekly challenge visit here.

See all the past featured photographers here!

Teia Ferreira

Roschar Photography

Liana Hamilton Photography

Front of the House Photography

Melissa Espinoza

Ami Grieve Photography

Hands on hearts photography

Heather Guezen

Free Spirit Photography

Christy Anderson Bernstein

Were you a featured photographer on the Cozy Clicks site? Download your badge here and add it to your website or social media page or stick it right on your photo with a link to this page to show that you’ve been featured!!

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