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Photographer’s 52 Week Challenge with Cozy Clicks Week 29: MACRO (or) CLOSE UP

Week 29: Macro (or) Close Up

Week 29 of the 52 week photography challenge was MACRO (OR) CLOSE UP. Photographers worldwide are submitting their best work to the challenge and the top photo (as voted on by group members)  is displayed as the challenge winner in the Cozy Clicks: Photography Learn and Inspire FB group! You can submit yours there too or just simply hashtag your photo #cozyclicks on Instagram to be  part of the friendly fun!

Top photos for the week are selected by myself or a guest judge and are not necessarily the  best technical photos or most popular, but do show creativity, growth or a fun interpretation of the theme.

Next week’s theme- WHITE

To see all the themes and for more on the challenge click here. To see past challenge winners visit here.

This is a fun, friendly challenge meant to inspire you,  get you to  try something new, or give you  the courage to just show your work to the world! Challenge winners are not always long time veterans to photography.  Many are brand new!

See the top 10 photos of the week (in no particular order) here! Browse through and be inspired. Which one is your favorite?  Let us know in a comment below and congratulate all the photographers on their work!

Organised Sharpshooters

Terry TedorSpring St Photo

Leila Janes Images

J. Cusick Photo



Linda Muir

Photography by Jen Lyon

In Lovely Light

Kimberly Gintar Photography

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