Photography 101: What To Do To See Results Today! The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #23

Efficiently Simplify The Business Side Of Your Photography Biz

Photography 101: What To Do To See Results Today!

An Interview With Audrey Ann

The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #23



Photography 101 Tips and tricks for beginner photographers looking for wasy to get better as a photographer



Today’s episode is for all of you beginners out there!

We all start somewhere, right? And with ALL of the information out there it seems like it should be soooo simple to just understand everything there is to know about photography.  But no.  Sadly, all that info can lead to overwhelm and for a lot of new photographers out there, the desire to just call it quits.

Not you though!

In today’s Stay Focused Podcast episode, I chat with Aubrey Ann , the founder & creator of  of Live Snap Love and we break down what you should be doing first to really understand that camera of yours and how you can start taking better pictures today!  She gives some pretty cool actionable exercises so that YOU can start seeing results!

You won’t want to miss this special episode!

(Audrey Ann with Live Snap Love)



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