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Photography Guest Blogger Application

Application for Guest Blogging Opportunity

The Cozy Clicks Blog is a site for new and intermediate portrait photographers to work together and learn from each other to advance in their photography goals.

The articles and tutorials on the site are FREE for you to learn from and are viewed by over a quarter of a million people and rising each month! ( that’s a lot of photographers!)

My belief is that we can all learn from each other no matter what level photographer you are.  Have something you want to share with and teach others? I’m sure you do! Please read the guidelines below for the opportunity to showcase your knowledge, skills and work to a much wider audience.  Blog articles will be promoted and shared throughout the Cozy Clicks Community with credit and back links to your site and social media pages.

The Cozy Clicks Photography Education & Resource Blog is looking for photographers like you to write on topics such as:

  • DIY Photography Props
  • Beginner tips on flash
  • Wedding Photography Tips
  • Newborn Photography tips
  • Photoshop or Lightroom Tutorials
  • Business tips/advice
  • Photography Gear Reviews
  • Basic Photography Tips and Tutorials.
  • (or your own creative idea!)

Please apply below to be considered.

Blog articles guidelines

  • Articles MUST be original content and may NOT be copied from other sources, including your own blog.
  • Articles must be between 350-1500+ words
  • Articles should include between 5-10+ images that relate to the topic.  Images may contain small watermarks that do not interfere with the image itself.

If selected, you will be contacted by a member of the Cozy Clicks Support team with further details.

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