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Rock the Shot April Photo Challenge: Spring

I have fun entering the photo challenges on the Rock the Shot forum. †This month the photography challenge is spring. ¬†Living in the desert, it‚Äôs hard to capture some of the traditional elements you think of when you envision the season. ¬†During the month of April, I am the photographer for a fun outdoor concert event in Ahwatukee. ¬†Earlier in the month, while covering the event, I took a break to dance around and play with my kids. ¬†I noticed a bright and vivid patch of flowers and instantly thought how vibrant and spring like they looked. I of course, had my camera already strapped around my neck¬†and¬†was able to coax my oldest daughter to stop dancing for a minute and give me a quick pose in the Arizona flower patch. ¬†Hesitantly, she stopped to give me a quick smile and I was able to snap a couple cute shots of her. ¬†This spot just embraces the spring here and that is why I choose it for my entry at Rock the Shot. ¬†Want to see a pullback of this area and photos from that night‚Äôs concert? ¬†Click here to see what else was going on in the area while I took this photo!

Young girl sitting in a field of orange and purple springtime flowers in the desert


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