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Shoot For Yourself! How to Get Creative and Have Fun Shooting!

Do you ever feel like you are just stuck sometimes in your photography? Like, you’ve just lost that creative energy or you need a serious photo recharge. If you said yes, that’s totally OK!  All creatives feel like that every now and then.  What you do to change that feeling and boost that creativity is up to you!

I’ve gotta be honest, sometimes even I get a little burnt out from photography.  Like, if there was a super charged energy drink to fuel me with all new creativity- I’d be sippin’ int out by my pool all summer?  But, last I checked, that drink is not on the market yet, so here’s what I do to get my creative juices flowing ( and what you could try too!)


Shoot For Yourself

If you ever get “photographers block” , or just stuck in a creative rut.  Try shooting for yourself.   Take a break from any client  work and do something you’ve been wanting to shoot.  Maybe it’s shooting something completely different than what you usually do. For me, I break free from that block by shooting my own kids, I love it ? Not sure how to shoot for yourself or what you can do?  I’ve got a few fun ideas for you here.

Style Your Photos In A New Way

Shoot something different than you usually do.  Try styling your photos in a new or different way! For me, my busy season ends around May and I was looking to take a short break from client work and focus on a fun personal shoot! So for these pictures, I got some beautiful gowns I’d been eyeing from Sew Trendy for my girls.  I love looking at photos with gorgeous gowns on little girls.  And  I’ve been wanting to do that with my daughters too and thought this would be a fun way to style them.

You could also look for some cool or unique props to style your photos with. Going to thrift stores or antique shops is a great way to find some cool props to style your photos with! You could also try to partner with local vendors in your town. Maybe add some flower bouquets to your photos or visit a hairstylist.

Find A New Location

If you find yourself gravitating to the same spots every time you take photos, change it up a bit! Go out and scout new locations or ask other local photographer for some new ideas. ( they may not always give up their “secret” spots to you, but they may give you an idea of a location you’ve never tried!) For me, there are several great locations that my clients love and I find myself shooting at those spots quite a bit. I needed a break from my usual locations so,  for this personal shoot , I decided to go to one of my absolute favorite “secret” places to shoot at.

So what do you do when you feel like you’re stuck and need a boost in creativity?  I would love to hear from you! Let us all know in a comment below!


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