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The #1 Thing to AVOID When Learning Photography| The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #49

The Stay Focused Podcast

The #1 Thing to AVOID When Learning Photography (and what to focus on instead!)| The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #49


Before and After 2017 to 2020. What a difference learning can make!

Learning photography can be incredibly overwhelming.

  I get it. And there are many , many other photographers that are feeling the pain too.  You are not alone. On today’s episode I talk with long time Cozy Clicks student, Jennifer Corbin.  As a hobbyist photographer (with a goal to go pro!) she shares with you want she has found to be some of the most helpful things to do to learn photography and beat the overwhelm, plus has incredibly wonderful insight on the things you should be avoiding if you want to see progress in your work! Listen here

Check out Jennifer’s recent work below using that 70-200mm lens!

Links Mentioned In The Episode:

Articles Mentioned in this episode

What Is Aperture Priority and When Should You Use It?

Photography Gear Mentioned

Nikon D750

Nikon 70-200mm

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