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The MUST-READ Photography Books For New Photographers! | The Friday Five

The MUST-READ Photography Books For New Photographers!


Ok, so maybe at 40 years old I’m a bit old school.


I can’t get into a lot of the newest video games and apps out there (Fortnite anyone?) I still love to use the TV remote control by pressing the + and – button and NOT by speaking to it (Ya, I did have to ask my 10 year old for help with this just the other day)  And I’m still into the feeling of actually holding the pages of a book in your hand.  Anyone else still like to have the actual book (and not a screen) in your hands???


I hope that actual real live book, with worn paper and a few folded back edges never fades away.  There is something to be said about actually having it in your hand as you read. Don’t get me wrong, I love internet articles and think there is value in reading online, but a book, well it’s just a different experience.


On today’s Friday Five I’m sharing with you 5 of what I think are some pretty awesome photography books for all of you new photographers out there (hey, they are even great for us oldies out there too)


Come take a peek and hey, I won’t judge if you’d prefer to read the digital copy. 😉


(In no particular order)


Understanding Exposure By Bryan Peterson

I love this one.  Easy to follow and helps you really understand your camera.


The Digital Photography Book By Scott Kelby

This is the first in a series of books by Scott Kelby.  I’ve actually ready many of them, but if you haven’t, start with this first one.


Your Camera’s Manual

Huh?  Yup. It’s just what it sounds like.  Break out that manual that came with your camera and you are bound to learn something new.  It’s all in there for you.


Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book By Andrew Faulker

If editing is what you struggle with, try this one.  It’s the official training book from Adobe. Make sure to get the newest edition though, so it’s up to date on all the new features in Photoshop.

The Total Money Make Over By Dave Ramsey

Ok, so not specifically photography related, BUT if you have a photography business or are thinking about starting one, his philosophies and ways of thinking about money are the absolute best.  I sculpt a lot of my own photography business and life around Dave Ramsey’s principles.

Hope this gives you a little inspiration for what to read next! And let us know, if you’ve read something great lately! Leave a comment below and tell me what you’ve been reading!

The Friday Five is a short sweet blog post that comes out each Friday with 5 quick tips to help portrait photographers.  To see previous week’s Friday Fives click here. Have an ideas YOU would like featured on an upcoming Friday Five, tell me your ideas here!








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