The Stay Focused Podcast #8: How To Loose The Overwhelm In Photoshop An Interview With Morgan Burks

The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #8:

The Stay Focused Podcast #8: How To Loose The Overwhelm In Photoshop An Interview With Morgan Burks



Hey there! It’s Emily and thank you for being here for another episode of the stay focused podcast! I truly am grateful you’re here listening and if you joined me in previous weeks episodes, thanks for coming back and if today’s the first time you’re listening, well I’m glad you’re here!

Today’s episode welcomes someone who I have admired for years and years- even before I started Cozy Clicks as a Blog and when I was just getting into photography and learning Photoshop. Today Morgan Burks is on the show and she is an expert in Photoshop!  Plus she offers all kinds of resources for new photographers like you and photographers who are very new to Photoshop!


The Stay Focused Podcast #8: How To Loose The Overwhelm In Photoshop An Interview With Morgan Burks


Today’s episode is all about How To Loose The Overwhelm In Photoshop

If you’ve felt just totally overwhelmed getting into Photoshop because there’s so much going on in that program, Morgan tries to simplify that for you and offers you a lot of help!

We discuss how to make it not so overwhelming and what to focus on first.  Plus she shares her “secret” Photoshop trick AND  a few more too!  And if you’re confused about the different versions of program out there or are confused about actions and presets, this episode is for you!




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Photo ©Morgan Burks



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