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The Stay Focused Podcast #9: The System For Becoming Confident in Manual Mode


The Stay Focused Podcast #9: The System For Becoming Confident in Manual Mode


Hey everyone it’s Emily Supiot! Welcome back to another episode of the Stay Focused Podcast! Today we are talking all things manual mode. So if you’re still shooting on automatic or tinkering around with aperture or shutter priority and haven’t made the switch over to manual mode you are going to love this episode! It is jam-packed with information that you’re going to be able to take and apply today (woo hoo!) My hope is that after this episode you’ll be able to turn that dial to M and start shooting in manual mode.

How to shoot in manual mode

Today’s episode is all about: Becoming Confident in Manual Mode

Now there’s a lot of information we’re going to cover today so if you have a pen and paper handy a might be a good idea to jot down some notes right now. BUT if you’re in the car or if you got your headphones on at the gym or maybe you’re even in the shower– no worries because I’m going to link up to a free manual mode shooting guide that you’ll be able to download and flip through later on after the episode (yay!) so no worries if you don’t have that pen and paper handy because I will have some freebies for you over the show notes today! (Make sure to check out the links below!)

This episode is sponsored by my very own? my very own free 1-hour online workshop The Photography Bootcamp

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This workshop was created for you if you are serious about wanting to get better with your portrait photography and you:

  • ?struggle with really understanding manual mode
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  • ?wish you could figure out how to really supercharge your creativity!

You’re definitely going to want to check out The Photography Bootcamp! You can register for free at any time!

How to confidently shoot in manual mode Great for new photographers looking to get off of automatic and switch your camera to manual!

 Plan For Marketing Your Photography Business

Links mentioned in this episode:

How to Get Blurry Backgrounds in Your Photos: Stay Focused Episode #4

Get Your FREE manual mode guide!

Great lenses for new photographers: 50mm 1.8

Listen to last week’s episode here: How to Loose the Overwhelm in Photoshop

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Thanks again and until next time, here is the staying focused in camera AND with you goals!


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