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Easy Things you Can Do NOW to Start Getting Sharp Photos The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #1

Easy Things you Can Do NOW to Start Getting Sharp Photos

The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #1

Welcome! I’m so excited that you are here today listening to the first ever Stay Focused Podcast.  This podcast has been in the works for a long time and I am beyond excited to share it with you and am so happy you are hear listening with me today.

For those of you who don’t know me or who are new to photography, I am Emily Supiot, blogger and YouTuber behind Cozy Clicks.  A place for new and intermediate portrait photographers just like you to read photography articles and watch video tutorials to help you grow as a portrait photographer. If you haven’t checked out the blog yet, make sure to take minute to peek over there later today.

Beyond just tips and tricks this podcast was designed no only to teach you but also guide you so you can feel focused on your photography goals.


Today’s episode is all about Easy Things you Can Do NOW to Start Getting Sharp Photos


I thought this topic was fitting for the title for the first  podcast, but also Simple Tricks To Taking Sharp Photos is one of the most popular tutorials on the Cozy Clicks blog.  And guess what the most frequently asked question in my Facebook photography group is AND  the question that is emailed most to me?  Yup, you guessed it…how can I get my photo in focus?

If you’ve ever found yourself with blurry photo after blurry photo- this episode is all you.

If you feel like you are doing everything you can, but your photos are still soft- keep listening.

And if you just aren’t sure even where to start to get sharp and clear photos, well, this episode is for you.

And if you’re still feeling a bit lost by the end of today’s episode, I’ve got a great Sharp Photo Quick Guide for you here FREE.




This episode is sponsored by my very own Photography Bootcamp. A FREE one hour online workshop created for new portrait photographers just like you!

You will absolutely LOVE this free and easy to follow along workshop, If you have dreamed of capturing gorgeous portraits, but those dials and buttons on the camera are leaving you clueless and frustrated.

Or if you need to get those pictures in focus.

Or if you just want to super charge your creativity

Under and hour totally free! Register here and watch at any time.

I’ll be sharing with you strategies you can start implementing right not to see change in your photos!



How to get your pictures in focus



If you have ever gone out to take photos only to be disappointed when you pop that memory card into your computer and find image after image that is soft or out of focus, you’ll want to tune in.

This episode covers four main strategies for getting your photo sharp and in focus including:

  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • Lens Choice
  • Photography Gear
  • and Goal Setting

You are not alone. You are most definitely not the only person this happens to. Even the masters, the experts the pros that have been at it for years will miss focus every once in awhile.  The Good news is, it will happen less and less. The more aware you are of the things you can do to help fix it the better. The more you practice at it the better you’ll get.


Links mentioned in this episode:

Great beginner inexpensive lens: the 50mm 1.8

Examples of large group posing and aperture settings

Your Sharp Photo Quick Guide FREEBIE From Cozy Clicks



Thank you so much for listening, and I would LOVE it if you’d subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or which ever platform you listen to podcasts the most!

Thanks again and until next time, here is the staying focused in camera AND with you goals!







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