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The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #10: All Things Lightroom For Beginners

The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #9:

All Things Lightroom For Beginners An Interview With Heather Ford



Hey there! It’s  is Emily Supiot and welcome back to another episode of the Stay Focused Podcast! I know there’s so many things that you could be doing with your time right now and I am truly grateful that you’ve decided to spend it here with me I think you’ve made the right choice today too because on today’s episode I have Heather Ford.

Today’s episode is all about all things Lightroom for beginners.  And since you probably already know, I’m more of a Photoshop kinda gal, I  sat down with Lightroom expert, Heather Ford with Two Blooms to help you understand what this program is really all about.  And she sure knows her stuff when it comes to editing in Lightroom. Plus she offers all kinds of resources for new photographers like you and photographers who are very new to Lightroom!



Today’s episode is all about All Things Lightroom For Beginners!

If you’re a beginner to Lightroom and new to the program, it can seem extremely confusing trying to  understand all there is to know about it.  Heather Ford with Two Blooms breaks it all down for you on this episode.

We chat about the difference in the different types of Lightroom, which one is best for you.  Plus some of her favorite tips and resources on where to learn even more.  She’s got a few other goodies for you too, so you’ll want to make sure to tune in!




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Photo ©Heather Ford



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Try Out Heather’s’s FREEBIE Lightroom Presets

Learn More about the Adobe Photoshop Plans (remember Heather and myself just use the $9.99/month plan!)

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Visit the Two Blooms site!





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Thanks again and until next time, here is the staying focused in camera AND with you goals!







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