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The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #3: Giving Your Subjects the BEST Photo Taking Experience

The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #3: Giving Your Subjects the BEST Photo Taking Experience


Hey there it’s Emily Supiot and welcome back to another episode of the Stay Focused Podcast! I am so glad you are here listening with me again today news podcast is beyond just tips and tricks for portrait photographers but it was designed to help guide you so that you can feel more focused on your photography goals.

Today’s episode is all about giving your subjects the best possible experience. And when I say subjects, I’m talking about the people you’re shooting. So those people might just be your own kids that you’re practicing on  or if your portfolio building maybe your neighbor’s families or relatives.  This will be especially helpful if your subjects are brand new clients.

Today you’re going to learn some extremely easy strategies to make people have a fantastic photo-taking experience with you! And guess what? These strategies will not cost you a dime! Plus you’re going to help evoke comfortable posing and great emotion that will really shine through in your photos and it will help place you as a front runner in your field if you plan on taking this to the business level. The strategies we will discuss today are going to help you create magic with the people you’re taking pictures of. You’re definitely going to want to keep listening to today’s episode!




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Today’s episode starts with a little story and it might not seem like it makes much of a connection with what we’re talking about here today but just stick with me to the end and it will make sense… (listen above to hear!)

Remember that as a photographer you are capturing people. You’re capturing their memories, their emotions and your subjects are going to remember the time with you and their interactions with you. So you want to make sure that you’re doing things to make their experience more pleasant and fun. I’m going to go through five things that you can do to really give these people the best experience possible!

So the first thing you want to do is use a word. The number one word that people like to hear more than any other word. Do you know what that word is? It is so important hat you use it when working with people!

There are four more strategies that we talked about in today’s episode, all of which will help you give your subjects the best experience!

So I’d like for you to make a goal for yourself I challenge you to give some of these strategies a try with whatever subject you plan to shoot next even if it’s with someone you already know try to use some of these strategies and see if it makes their experience with you even better. If these strategies connected with you today and you felt like they helped you and you go out and you do challenge yourself to try some of them, I’d like to see the pictures that you create! So if you’re over on Instagram make sure to tag #thestayfocusedpodcast or you can mention me, my handle is @cozyclicks that way I can see the work that you’re creating. You could even snap a quick behind the scenes of you working with your subject and put it over in your stories I’d love to see what you’re creating. 



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Thanks again and until next time, here is the staying focused in camera AND with you goals!






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