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The Ugly Location Photo Challenge With Cozy Clicks: My Attempt!


The January Photo Challenge with Cozy Clicks  is the ugly location challenge.   While I am incredibly lucky that I live in a place that is full of gorgeous mountains and desert scenery, I know that beautiful backgrounds are not always available and you don’t necessarily need beautiful scenery to create a beautiful picture.

(***Remember that this is just and example post.  You don’t need to include words in yours, and your post doesn’t need to look just like this****)


For this challenge I went to a pretty bare and plain parking lot near my house.  Most of the buildings around the parking lot are vacant, so there wasn’t much traffic or really much of anything going on here.  This would not be a place I would typically choose to take a clients or to shoot personal work.


Here is the pullback of the parking lot I was working with:



After looking around and trying to find some inspiration, I noticed a white wall that surrounding the lot.  I thought it might make for interesting leading lines and also might pop some brightness into my subjects face.

Here was my final result shot taken with a 50mm 1.8 and a Canon Rebel t3i.  Edited with the Cozy Clicks Perfect Portrait Photoshop Action Pack.

This is my entry for the January challenge at



If you would like to participate (and see a short video of me taking my shot for this challenge head over to read the rules at the January Photo Challenge)






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