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Wanna Start Shooting Weddings? Here’s how. | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #70

Wanna Start Shooting Weddings? Here’s how. | The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #70


How to start shooting weddings as a photogrpaher. LEarn how to get started shooting weddings in this week's episode of the Stay Focused Podcast LEarn wedding photography tips for beginner photographers wanting to break into the wedding business..

I can’t really help you break into the wedding photography biz.

But I know someone who can! This week I chat with Magan Ward from Mint Magnolia Photography who quickly figured out how to become one of the most successful wedding photographers in her town! And because she is the kind educator that she is, she giving you all the info so that you know just how to getting started shooting weddings too! Take a listen to this week’s episode to find out where to begin, how to market yourself and if the wedding photography business is really as saturated as every says it is!

Meet Magan Ward from Mint Magnolia Photography!

Links Mentioned In the Episode:

Where to find more of Magan:

Lots of free resources on her site for future wedding photographers!

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Check out her beautiful wedding photography below!

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