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What Should I Name My Photography Business?

Easy tips to help you decide on a name for your photography business.  Ever wonder just what you should name your photography business?  Learn here.What Should I Name My Photography Business?

High Fives for you! You decided to take the plunge and start your own photography business. That is so exciting, but now comes the hard parts, like deciding on a name.

It’s hard, I know because it represents YOU, and really could be around for a really long time, so you want to choose one that you like! So what should you focus on when choosing a name?  Let’s break it down here with some great ideas for you to think about when selecting your business name.

Your Name

This option is usually what comes to mind for most. And it’s a great choice! Your name as your business name completely personalizes it, BUT there are a few things you might want to think about if selecting this option.

1. Is your name super common?

If your name happens to be Jane Doe or Sarah Smith, chances are a lot of people may already have snagged up that business name. Maybe think about including your middle name, or dropping the last name.

2. Is it hard to pronounce?
If you have a really unusual name, it may stand out (which is a plus for you!) but if people struggle with how to say it(or spell it), it might make it difficult for people to say it when referring you, or try to type it into a Google search when trying to find you. I say this because it was HUGE issue for me in the beginning. (Did you know I was originally Emily Supiot Photography?) Thing was, no one could say my last name…hey I bet you are even looking at it right now wondering if you know for sure how to say it;)

Now, neither of these things are deal breakers…just things to think about.


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If you’re not loving the idea of using your own name, maybe just the initials!

First and last initial or maybe your first name with last initial or some combination of that. This still keeps it directly related to who you are with out being  your exact name.


Trendy/Photo related

Name your business something so that when people see the name they know EXACTLY what you do! Using words like pics, snaps, shots…or hey, even clicks…may seem trendy, but it lets people know what your business is…photography!

If you choose something like “The Fuzzy Panda” or “Green Pickle” those might be things you love, but your customer will have no idea what kind of  business you are…keep that in mind. (btw- no disrespect at all if that is your business name, just two things that popped into the top of my head;) )


Personal To you

Now, I like this option best. To make your business name really click with you, make it personal to you! Maybe a play on something important to you.  Could be your kids names, a special relative, favorite song lyric, something to do with the place/month you were married, favorite vacation spot, place where you grew up…you get the picture, right?

Make it personal to YOU! Create a name that has significance and that you love!

Did you know that “Cozy” is the nickname of my daughter Cosette, who I was pregnant with when I renamed my business?


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So there you have it! Have fun picking that name! Also, remember that you can always change it in the future. If it’s just not feeling right, or you evolve as a business, you don’t have to be stuck, so let me take some of the pressure off when you when you first choose a business name!


What did you pick for your name?  Leave me  a comment below and let us know!








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