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What You Can Do When Your Subject HATES Your Photos: The Stay Focused Podcast #25

Efficiently Simplify The Business Side Of Your Photography Biz

What You Can Do When Your Subject HATES Your Photos:

The Stay Focused Podcast #25



What do you do when a client hates the photos tha tyou took of them. Business tips for new photographers



Today’s episode tackles rejection- in a big way.

You may not have had this happen to you (or maybe you’ve already experienced it), but chances are there will come a time that the person you took pictures of does NOT like them, like at all. Maybe it’s a friend or worse yet- a client.  Trying to understand a little more about why a person feels this way and what you can do in this situation can really help you out big time.

I’ve been there, I get it.  I know it can feel super bad when you pour your heart into your work, only to face rejection and dislike.  Knowing these few things might help you out though.  Take a listen to today episode right here.


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Listen to last week’s episode here!


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