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What’s In My Camera Bag Now…and What Should Be In Yours! The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #26

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What’s In My Camera Bag Now…and What Should Be In Yours! The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #26



what to keep inside your camera bag A specific list for new photographers of wha should be ins their camera bag



On today’s episode we chat about just what’s inside my camera bag….it might not be what you think!

Have you ever gone out shooting (especially when working with a client) and wondered if you have everything you need for that session? Like, do you start to put together a little checklist in your head wondering if everything is inside your bag.  Yeah, me too.  And over the years I forgot a few things….some of those things I didn’t even realize until the time came that I needed them.  Today I’m going to chat with you about EXACTLY what is inside my camera bag today (and yes, there are a few odd things in there)  and EXACTLY what should be inside yours.

Then if you want to compare side by side or if you just want to check out a few of the things I talked about today, they are all linked for you right below.  OR you can download my FREEBIE checklist for you next time you go out to shoot so you can load it up to your phone and quickly run through it to make sure you didn’t forget anything!


Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Download Emily FREEBIE! Your Camera Bag Checklist (Don’t leave home without checking this!)

Gear talked about in the episode-

Canon 5d Markii

135mm 2.0

50mm 1.4

Canon Camera Bag

Expo Disc


Memory cards

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Thank you so much for listening! I truly appreciate you and how our little chats here on the podcast help you out! If you have a second and happen to be over on iTunes  and I would LOVE it if you’d subscribe to the podcast over there! And if you have 2 seconds if you’d leave a rating for me and quick review, that would mean the world to me! Doing that makes it easier for other photographers out there find the podcast and learn too!

Thanks again and until next time, here is the staying focused in camera AND with you goals!







Listen to last week’s episode here!


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