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What’s Most Important When Starting Your Photography Business |The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #66

What’s Most Important When Starting Your Photography Business |The Stay Focused Podcast Episode #66


What's most important when first starting your photography business.  Learn photography business tips for photographers in this week's episode of the Stay Focused Podcast

Wanna Know What’s Really Important When First Starting Your Photography Business?

The answer might surprise you a little. Julie Christie who is a master photography marketer with Togs In Business is on the show today and really makes you think about how you should set yourself up for success before you go into business. And guess what? Shes’ not talking about websites, social media or really even mastering the camera. This episode is a must listen from anyone struggling with why their business isn’t going as planned or for those of you who are looking to set up shop soon!

Links Mentioned In the Episode:

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