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Why It’s So Important to Just Keep Trying in Photography: A Look Back At My Beginning

Why It’s So Important to Just Keep Trying in Photography:  A Look Back At My Beginning


Warning This may get a little embarrassing…well for me at least.


With social media being everywhere and the constant need for us to feel like everything has to be perfect and like our  photos should be totally pro looking  before we’ve even had the time to practice and grow…I thought it was time for a reality check.


You might feel nervous to share your work online because it doesn’t look quite as “professional” as you want it to. ( btw…I’m guilty of this too) You don’t want people to judge you or call you out on something being “too dark” or “not exposed right”. 


But guess what, share it anyway.  


You are working hard on your journey to get to the level you want to be at. Be proud of your work.  Be proud of your progress. Love the things you are creating and then look back later and feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you see how much you’ve really grown.


I think as photographers it’s easy to look at all the wonderfully talented people out there on Instagram and Facebook and think that you can’t share your work because it’s not “that good” yet.


But guess what, share it anyway.


Love that you are taking the steps to keep getting better at your craft and then go back and look at how far youÂ’ve come.


We are all at different levels. We all make different choices in how and how much we learn and practice.  We all have different styles and visions for what we want to create. I want you to know that you are on the right path because you haven’t given up.  Just keep practicing and trying new things.


And just in case you’re giving me a little eye roll right now ( hey, I know I can be overly positive) I want to show you that all this is true.  Not too long ago MY photos looked “unprofessional” . I was told they were “too dark” and “not exposed right” (in all fairness- that’s totally accurate)  But anyways, here’s a look back at some of my work when I was just starting out.

These photo are some of the ones from my beginning days just to show you that we really do all start somewhere!


So let’s get out of your comfort zone a bit today! Post something your ready proud of, or maybe post a before and after of YOUR progress! Make sure to tag me so @cozyclicks that I can see too!






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  • PauletteApril 24, 2019 - 3:29 pm

    Your comments make me think you are the nicest person. I’m glad you posted these. I feel much better about my work. Tax time is over. I have most things caught up with our business, and I’m jonesin’ to shoot. Hopefully, I’ll even get a website up. Thank you for the encouragement.ReplyCancel